Altair SimLab 2019.3 (x64)

Altair SimLab 2019.3 (x64)
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SimLab is a process-oriented multidisciplinary simulation environment to accurately analyze the performance of complex assemblies.

Multiple physics including structural, thermal and fluid dynamics can be easily setup using highly automated modeling tasks, helping to drastically reduce the spent creating finite element models and interpreting results. Altair's robust, accurate and scalable solvers can run either locally, on remote servers or in the cloud. An intuitive and self-explanatory graphical user interface covers all aspects of the modeling process. Instead of tedious geometry clean-up, work is performed directly on the geometry - imported and updated via the bi-directional CAD coupling - by defining mesh specifications for individual regions.

Multiphysics Solutions Support

With significant further development, Altair SimLab this release now provides a strong offering to support user needs for multiphysics analysis that covers statics, dynamics, heat transfer, fluid flow and electromagnetics analysis. The solvers OptiStruct, Radioss, AcuSolve, and Flux are now directly embedded to enable users to quickly run analyses spanning across multiple physics disciplines.

Further supporting the transfer of results amongst different analysis types, the mapping functionality of result data within SimLab has been enhanced. While mapping, comparison between the sizes of the source model to the target avoids mistakes such as differences in unit systems being used or scaling factors being applied.

Focus on new physics and industries

SimLab provides many new features to support the electronics industry, such as automatic generation of Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) - commonly used to solder chips to printed circuit boards - by using the newly-available template to enter their parameters.

Meshing of printed circuit boards (PCB) is also improved. The mesh type can be selected between hex, wedge and tetra elements. The auto mesh option enables matching hexmesh between the board, chips and other components of the PCB to be generated.

Geometry and Meshing

SimLab provides SolidWorks and Inventor files in newly-supported CAD formats, along with the very important enhancement of bi-directional communication with external CAD systems. Parameters of geometries are recognized upon import and can be manipulated, resulting in altered dimensions of the model. The result can be written to a geometry file.

To facilitate easy collaboration between teams in different locations, SimLab associates meshes to parts of a CAD model. Once a mesh has been generated based on a part of an assembly, it can be imported back and will automatically be placed in the correct position within the overall assembly structure.

SimLab's meshing capabilities have also been significantly enhanced. Now the seeding of meshes can be modified interactively. A new mesh control has been added to remove holes or slots throughout the meshing operation based on automatic or manual settings. The modification of dimensions, such as length, radius, thickness of meshed bodies with solid elements is possible without the need to delete existing solid elements.