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V-Ray Next Build 4.00.01 for Rhinoceros 5-6 (4/4)

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[center]V-Ray Next Build 4.00.01 for Rhinoceros 5-6


V-Ray Next Build 4.00.01 for Rhinoceros 5-6
File Size: 684 MB

V-Ray Next for Rhino is much more than a do-it-all smart renderer that creates gorgeous images of your designs. It is also a full suite of tools to help you accomplish more in Rhinoceros than ever before. V-Ray Next makes it easier to manage everything in your scene - even the crazy complex ones. It is 50% faster overall, with GPU rendering 2x as fast and 7x faster using the Adaptive Dome Light. V-Ray Next for Rhino is compatible with Rhino 5 and 6 on Windows only.

Superior Grasshopper support:With V-Ray Next, you can do more in Grasshopper than ever before and get advantage of powerful capabilities. Render your parametric designs directly without "bakes" or exports. Animate Grasshopper definitions as well as cameras and sun, and measure real-world illumination values - all right in Grasshopper.

-Adaptive Dome Light: Render faster, cleaner and more accurate image-based lighting that's up to 7x faster. The new Adaptive Dome Light also removes the need to set up Portal lights for interiors.

-Powerful asset management: The new asset management system helps you keep track of everything in your scene and streamlines your entire workflow. Now it is quick and easy to preview and manage lights, materials, textures and more all from a single location.

-Simplified Render controls: V-Ray Next for Rhino includes a redesigned interface that is more intuitive and easy to use. From the new camera layout to the simplified render controls, you'll spend less time navigating and more time designing.

-Material metalness: The V-Ray Material adds native support for metallic reflections (Metalness) for greater compatibility with PBR materials from applications like Substance Designer.

-Automatic exposure & white balance: Capture the perfect exposure every time. The new Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance camera controls make rendering as simple as point and shoot.

-Optimized materials: V-Ray materials have been fine-tuned for faster render speeds, improved GPU rendering, and Chaos Cloud compatibility

-Licensing and backward compatibility: The upgrade to V-Ray Next for Rhino will allow customers to use either V-Ray Next for Rhino or V-Ray 3 for Rhino. V-Ray 3 for Rhino Workstation licenses will work with V-Ray Next Render Node licenses. V-Ray Next for Rhino will work only with V-Ray Next Render Node licenses (Perpetual and Rentals). With the launch of V-Ray Next for Rhino, support for V-Ray 1.5 and 2.0 for Rhino is discontinued.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7,Windows 8.1,Windows 10(64-bit versions only)
CPU:Intel� Pentium � IV or compatible processor with SSE3 support.
RAM:4 GB RAM and 4 GB swap minimum - recommended 8 GB or more RAM, 8 GB or more swap file
Rhino 5:Rhino 5.14 or later
Rhino 6:Rhino 6.6.18117 or laterWhats New:

V-Ray Next Build 4.00.01

-Allow time component to take start and end frame as input
-Render in Project node significantly slows down the opening of .gh file
-Support custom render meshes in Interactive Rendering
-Handle document-level custom render meshes
-Add physical camera exposure control to V-Ray for Grasshopper camera component
-V-Ray does not react to changes in custom render mesh settings
-Improve the V-Ray to Rhino material binding logic
-Hook up "Apply to Selection" for Fur, Clipper and Mesh Light
-Materials saved from Grasshopper (as vrmat files) should use the new plugin structure
-Add support for the new way in which MultiMatte elements are created
-Update rectangle light widget based on current light shape
-Take into account "use alpha channel" option for diffuse texture's alpha source
-Mesh light instancing
-EffectsResult render channel image in VPR
-DomeLight ShapeParameter improvement
-The default proxy preview cube size is too big
-Add ability to convert Rhino layer materials to V-Ray materials
-Focus point pickable in all viewport projection types
-V-Ray Cloud support for the Batch Renderer
-React on texture mapping change
-Standardize instancing behavior for all V-Ray objects
-Add prompt when initiating a Batch Render job to save current project
-Add tooltips to all Batch Render buttons
-Improve internal handling of V-Ray infinite plane
-Respect Clipping Plane's state for each view
-Migrate to RDK renderer
-Unified Rhino Installer

New Feature:
-Improve the material binding
-Improve the Mesh Light object assignment and modification workflow
-Improve the V-Ray for GH infrastructure, data flow handling and introduce some new components
-Improve Rhino Undo support when manipulating V-Ray Objects
-Improve the VPR workflow and performance
-Improve Proxy Mesh and Scenes workflow
-Improve the V-Ray Script Access in Rhino
-Account for all NeUI changes and new functionality
-Improve V-Ray for Grasshopper and implement animation rendering
-Improve creation and interaction with V-Ray Special Objects - Fur, Clipper, Object Properties, Mesh Light
-Resolve Animation Rendering Issues
-Implement Unified Installer
-Improve the Batch Rendering workflow
-Add support for Batch Snapshot rendering in the current document
-Clipper include/exclude controls
-File/Open performance improvement
-Implement Render Elements input for the Renderer node
-Refactor the way in which data flow is handled by the V-Ray GH Components
-Handle Rhino's Undo and Redo commands
-Enhance the V-Ray script access support
-Implement animation rendering workflow in Grasshopper
-Handle light and geometries created in the Asset Editor
-Improve the Special Objects Rhino properties view / UI
-Improve the VPR workflow and extend it's functionality
-Improve the V-Ray Fur workflow
-Add viewport preview geometry for Proxy and VRScene components
-Improve the V-Ray Clipper workflow

-Create documentation for the V-Ray script access
-Update some component names, labels, descriptions and tooltips
-Some Grasshopper render settings have to be updated to match the NeUI logic
-Update the V-Ray Menu's Online Help link
-Update CGLS to 5.2.2
-Expose an option for V-Ray clippers to override Rhino on/off toggle
-Update Rhino 6 SDK to 6.12.19029
-Update installer links
-Exported vrscene file headers must indicate if the scene was rendered with V-Ray GPU
-Update CGLS to 5.2.1
-Implement Lighting Analysis render element component in Grasshopper
-Make the "Offset from geometry" command an input element
-Implement Directional light component
-Add properties for creating and assigning mesh light attributes to objects
-Update Rhino SDK to 6.11.18348
-Implement a prompt message when opening a project saved with newer V-Ray version
-Delete a registry key on install to fix Asset Editor's taskbar label
-Handle Displacement using the GeomDisplacedMesh plugin
-Update Rhino SDK to 6.10.18308
-Update OLS server to 5.1.2
-Hook up HDRLs LightPaint
-Handle purge for lights and geometries
-BoundingBox option for Dome Light should be removed
-Migrate V-Ray 3 light scaling to match the new logic
-Allow Rhino RDK materials feature
-Implement RPC support in Rhino 6
-Update Rhino SDK to 6.8.18240
-Bump Rhino SDK to 6.7.18210
-Remove old "vis"-prefixed commands
-Bump Rhino SDK to 6.6.18177
-Hook up new licensing

-In certain cases dome light texture does not render initially
-Missing default for GH Renderer component output resolution
-The Grasshopper Proxy Mesh component's file picker does not include alembic files
-Snapshots do not store V-Ray Geometry user data
-The VPR gamma is incorrect when the effectsResult is displayed
-V-Ray 3 scenes with custom aspect ratio and safe frames enabled are not exported correctly
-Interactive rendering an empty scene persists after opening another project
-Disconnecting and re-connecting the default Dome Light texture leads to incorrect results
-The Renderer Mode control doesn't allow animation rendering
-Clippers from V-Ray 3 get loaded with their exclude mode inverted or reset
-Rhino document sun does not produce caustics correctly
-Saving and loading scenes breaks the link between V-Ray and Rhino materials
-The global Displacement switch doesn't work
-Connecting an Instancer and something else to a Renderer component shouldn't show an error
-Certain alembic files cannot be loaded directly
-The low_gpu_thread_priority option should be disabled for all scenes in GH
-Grasshopper Sun and Camera animations can't be sent to the Rhino project if the render mode is set to Interactive
-Any Camera input should override the current view-port camera position when connected to the Renderer
-Grasshopper Sun animation sent to the Rhino project renders with a single sun position
-Spherical dome light texture rotations are ignored if there is an in between map
-Random Proxy material colors should not change between renders
-Changing a material name in the Asset Editor doesn't update its Rhino counterpart
-Current frame indicator displayed outside the bounds of the capsule
-Color Corrections should be saved in SettingsVFB
-Reopening an empty scene creates dummy assets
-Unwanted message box in Batch Renderer when loading a job with sequence of 1 file
-Render license engaged by the Asset Preview window cannot be disengaged in Rhino
-Undo command duplicates Fur and Clipper materials
-Duplicating or loading Lights/Geometries from NeUI does not create assets in Rhino's viewport
-Non-meshable objects with displacement can not be rendered
-Deleting a Rhino material applied on a geometry inside a block doesn't update during Interactive Rendering
-Toggling safe frame from Rhino UI does not update NeUI
-Incorrect proxy export of blocks containing blocks
-Rhino Edge Softening and Shut Lining prevent displacement from being rendered
-Apply To Layer does not transfer assets to new project
-Rhino preset material bump map is using incorrect texture placement
-Non-uniformly scaled rectangular lights render incorrectly
-Default Rhino Material Per Face is not renderable
-Rhino materials Bump textures don't render correctly in V-Ray
-Opening a gh/ghx file via the Rhino welcome screen crashes the viewport
-GPU Bucket Rendering always falls back to Progressive in Grasshopper
-Renamed vrmat files are not rendered in V-Ray for Grasshopper
-Undoing removal of Mesh Light while in a block results in odd behavior
-Render region is propagating to the next render
-Changing VPR scale factor affects the render region
-V-Ray Materials from File or Project cannot be rendered in Grasshopper
-Most GH definition changes don't cause an update during IR
-Library materials texture paths don't get automatically resolved
-Activating a Rhino 6 Snapshot reverts most lights back to their defaults
-Render discrepancy of non-uniformly scaled Rectangle lights
-Asset names are different depending on where they are created
-Grasshopper's V-Ray Material from Project component lists MaterialID and RenderStats entries
-Copy-pasting Lights, Fur and Clipper leads to duplicated Materials/Textures
-Reimplement automatic material binding mode in V-Ray for Rhino
-Top-level textures do not update during Interactive rendering
-MaterialID and RenderStats sections are choosable options when applying Material
-Copy/Pasting certain Lights creates an additional phantom asset
-Silently executing vrayLightDome/vrayLightIES commands still invokes a file picker popup
-Lights created from the NeUI cannot be deleted properly
-Select Instances for Lights doesn't work properly
- Volumetric Environment becomes denser and denser during IR caused by changes to the SettingsEnvironment plugin
-Creating a V-Ray material causes Rhino mapping panel to refresh multiple times and NeUI to briefly hang
-Input lag when drawing and holding down a modifier key
-Parallel projections (ortho) hangs Light Cache sampling
-Clipping plane color fill is not displayed in viewport
-Starting a Non-Interactive renderer through V-Ray menu doesn't work properly
-Enabling Hidden Lights during GPU Interactive updates only every 2nd time
-Render channels are not produced
-Incorrect Batch Render list checkboxes behavior
-Copy/Pasting Block objects do not render with correct materials
-Purge command doesn't work properly
-Lights don't update during IR
-Invalid Out Img (Save File) cannot start render (V-Ray for Grasshopper)
-Removing V-Ray Geometry also deletes its host object
-Material ID render channel does not take opacity into account
-Selection by material doesn't work for nested objects in certain situation
-Missing assets from Asset tree
-Every next scene opening leads to plugin duplication
-Bitmap textures slotted in Dome Light only update 2d transformation during Interactive
-Incorrect Lights migration
-Bongo animation does not save Render Elements / Channels
-Unable to render past first frame with Bongo
-Transforming a VRayScene during Interactive rendering causes a crash
-VFB's Region render is not bound by its frame
-Initial selection of an instanced object includes all instances
-Batch Render modifies project parameters
-Changing a Section Plane's Clipper during Interactive Rendering does not update correctly
-Fur and Clipper Viewport display overlaps with VPR
-Pasting a group of instanced objects breaks the instancing
-V-Ray objects within blocks create a dummy copy when the block is copied
-Duplicated Clipper affects the whole scene if not connected to an object
-Scaling a Sphere light doesn't affect its instances
-'Convert to Clipper' from the V-Ray Menu is using an incorrect command and doesn't work
-VPR stops but is not cleared when clicking the IR button once
-Copying a light between projects produces an additional duplicate
-Interactive Rendering stops once an image is added in the Rhino Environment
-Editing the Rhino environment cancels Interactive rendering
-Batch Render command is not working when using the V-Ray Menu
-Changes in HDR Light Studio do not trigger updates during Interactive rendering
-Stopping the render process while in VPR should change the viewport mode back to what it was
-Replacing materials in Block edit mode during IR causes them to overlap
-Do not allow block instances to be special objects
-VRayClipper cuts along the XY plane if its host layer is hidden
-V-Ray cannot render geometry in Grasshopper
-Material from project does not render
-The proxy's multi material does not update for curve-based previews
-Changing Proxy preview triggers scene update during Interactive rendering
-Crash when removing texture mapping on an object during IR
-3.6 Scene with fur from Rhino 5 causes a crash upon being loaded
-Moving VRScenes during Interactive Rendering ends up with a crash
-Rhino crashes upon opening scenes saved with v3.60.03 or earlier
-Crash when changing VRScene instance number during Interactive In Grasshopper
-Crash upon changing Viewport mode during Interactive Rendering
-Activating VPR leads to crash
-Rhino crashes when exporting VRScenes from GH without specified output file location
-Crash upon editing V-Ray Interactive Viewport mode settings
-Crash when editing synced Rhino environment during Interactive rendering
-Loading .vrmesh file in exisitng Proxy during GPU Interactive causes immediate crash
-Deleting a Mesh Light contained in a block and then undoing the action causes a crash

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