Allegorithmic Substance Alchemist 2020.1.1 | 1.0 Gb
The Allegorithmic team is pleased to announce the availability of Substance Alchemist 2020.1.1, is a next-generation tool dedicated to material authoring, exploration, and management. Different technologies and creation methods (procedural-based, capture-based, AI-based and manual) help you manage entire material libraries and export them to other applications.

Substance Alchemist 2020.1.1 Release Notes - Date: April 01, 2020

- [Project] Export and import metadata
- [Application] Ctrl+S now saves a preset in Explore
- [Performance] Use render cache instead of recomputing saved materials for resolutions up to 2k
- I Fixed computing indicator in the viewport
- I Entering Negative values in sliders is fixed
- I Combo boxes: keyboard arrows and scrollbar now work
- I Keep the selected channel when switching between "Material Outputs" and "Layer Inputs" in the 2D view
- [Layers] Fixed crash when adding custom channels in Base Material
- [Layers] Crash when manipulating layers
- [Layers] Custom channels are not displayed with a saved material
- [Application] Fixed rare crash when importing an asset
- [Application] Crash on exit
- [Application] Combo boxes now show correct values when switching presets
- [Export] Renamed Enscape preset to Enscape Revit
- [Export] Importing an export preset after removing it works
- [Export] Crash at export
- [Rendering] Fixed rendering when the base color is in 16bit half float format
- [Project] Do not crash when importing corrupted package
- [Project] Handle 2019.1.4 to 2.x.x migration when Create has never been opened
- [Project] Fix a crash when importing the same project twice
- [Project] Fix a crash when importing projects
- [Resources] Custom filters imported in previous versions work
- [Resources] Materials with the same name no longer erase each other
- [Resources] Crash when linking a local folder
- [Resources] Starter Materials user-created folders are no longer removed after a restart
- nspire Fix material/collection drop area and add a warning message if using an unsaved material
Known Issues:
- Content Aware Fill filters are slow in high resolution
- Use of multiple delighters in one material is not recommended
- Delighter crashes with older NVIDIA drivers (Less than 400.x)
- Coma or point can be ignored when typing a specific evalue in a slider

Substance Alchemist    allows you to create and iterate on material collections by tweaking and mixing existing materials, or by extracting new materials from scans (single or multiple images).

A new set of tools combining different technologies and creation methods (procedural-based, capture-based, AI-based and manual) will help you manage entire material libraries, and export them to other applications.

In this video we take a look at creating projects and material variations.

Founded in 2003 and based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Allegorithmic   is the leader in 3D texturing technologies with more than 50,000 users and clients including Microsoft, Sony, Activision, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, NCSoft, Tencent, Autodesk, NVIDIA and Intel. The company specializes in creating advanced authoring software and middleware that is designed to simplify the process of creating and distributing high-quality textures for next-generation content developers. The company's flagship product range is Substance.

Product: Allegorithmic Substance Alchemist
Version: 2020.1.1
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :


Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size:   1.0 Gb
        System Requirements:

OS:Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit)
Memory:8 GB RAM/16GB RAM
Graphics:VRAM 2GB
DirectX:Version 11
Resolution:1280px width (≥ 1 Mega Pixels)

OS:Windows 10  (64bit)
Memory:16 GB RAM
Graphics:VRAM 4GB
DirectX:Version 11

Download link:


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