[center]Concepts NREC 8.7.X Suite (x86/x64)


Concepts NREC 8.7.X Suite (x86/x64) | 455 MB

All possible crashes when choosing some options in the programs are related to the bugs of the program itself!

picYear / Release Date: 2019
AXCENT64 64-bit
AXIAL 32-bit
COMPAL 32-bit
FANPAL 32-bit
PUMPAL 32-bit
RITAL 32-bit
Developer: Concepts ETI, Inc.
Developer website: wwwconceptsnrec.com
Digit capacity: 32bit, 64bit *
Interface Language: English
Tabletka: Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
System Requirements: Windows
Description: The Concepts NREC / Agile Engineering Design System software package (developed by Concepts ETI, Inc.) provides a single continuous design cycle for turbomachines (compressors, pumps, fans, turbines, turbochargers, expansion machines, etc.), covering all design stages from one-dimensional, design calculation prior to the manufacturing process and experimental research of the prototype, also solves complex optimization problems.
The software package Concepts NREC includes solvers based on empirical dependencies using the concept of one or two zone models, computation using one or three current streams, a solver based on the analysis of curvature of current streams, etc. corrections for losses, solving a two-dimensional problem (two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations in interscapular space along the height of the flow part), as well as solving 3D CFD viscous problems and 3D FEA modeling, etc.
Calculation program for the design of 3D geometry and the calculation of flow in multistage axial and radial turbomachines. AxCent uses powerful features for axial, diagonal and radial geometry that can be combined to develop virtually any turbomachine.
The design program of preliminary design of axial compressors and turbines
The design program of preliminary design of centrifugal and diagonal compressors
The design program of preliminary design of centrifugal and axial fans
The design program of preliminary design of centrifugal and axial pumps
The design program of preliminary design of radial and diagonal turbines

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