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Avanquest Formation Windows 10 Tips - Volume 1/2/3/4 REPACK | 1.47 Gb (in Total)
Languages: Fran�ais

That's it, Windows 10 is installed on your computer and you appreciate this new system. You know how to use the new Start menu, virtual desktops, Cortana, and other novelties, but you want to go further. This eBook has been designed for this purpose!

Discover 50 topics that will take you off the beaten path of Windows 10. From improving the performance of the computer to simplifying access to your online spaces through the monitoring of computer temperatures, or even By setting the default state of the Num Lock key, you'll find tips that will help you get the most from your Windows 10 computer. Windows 10 has many features, but they will soon have no secrets for you!

Volume 1 - Key Highlights:
- Update drivers in Windows 10
- Purge the memory of DLLs that are no longer used
- Speed up Windows 10 by changing the file size
- Access special characters in all your documents
- A different wallpaper every day
- Change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge
- Group personal clouds
- Open File Explorer on the folder This PC
- But where did the available space on my record go?
- Speed up file searches
- Control the temperature of the processor
- What is the weak link in your computer?
- Create a backup of your data

Volume 2 - Key Highlights:
- Create your own app icons
- Make the text more readable on the screen
- Hide, reduce, or delete Cortana from the taskbar
- Reset Microsoft Edge
- Create an email address with your own domain
- Troubleshoot the PC of your loved ones remotely
- Rename files by batch
- Instantly improve the audio quality on your PC
- What is the actual speed of your SSD?
- Disable anything that might affect the running speed of Windows

Volume 3 - Key Highlights:
- Access all Office documents in a few mouse clicks
- Test your WiFi connection
- Define a unit letter for a folder
- Add tabs in the File Explorer
- Create ZIP files protected by a password
- Delete recalcitrant files / folders
- Restart a computer by the keyboard
- Disable the touchpad on a laptop
- Add the Hibernation command to the Start menu
- Convert your documents to read on a reading light or tablet
- Say a random phrase when you start your computer
- Keyboard shortcuts with the Windows key

Volume 4 - Key Highlights:
- Open multiple web pages with a shortcut
- The web in the taskbar
- 25GB of free storage space in the Cloud
- Avoid automatic restart of Windows
- Change privacy options
- Free TV, everywhere!
- Maximize the performance of a laptop
- Change the color of folders in Explorer
- Portable applications in the Start menu
- Add commands to the Windows system menu
- Display a message when the computer starts
- A key to install Windows 10

System Requirements:
- Available hard disk space: 1 GB
- Internet Explorer or Edge browser required
- Language of videos and training: French

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