[center]Dream Audio Tools The LFO Piano v1.5 KONTAKT


Dream Audio Tools The LFO Piano v1.5 KONTAKT | 788 Mb

The LFO Piano is our new product featuring a classic Rhodes MkII Electric Piano with an unique voice. The piano has been sampled using a true analog pedal rig, including a warm and raw sounding handmade analog tremolo and analog cabinet emulation pedals. The rig gives LFO Piano an unique timbre and a raw unpolished character. It perfectly fits many musical styles including RnB, Hip Hop, Cinematic and Pop. The library includes two complete sets, separately recorded with pedal tremolo on and off. Easy controls allow to activate additional designed effects, including Phaser, Chorus, Delay Reverb and Rotary.

- All samples 24 bit/48 Khz
- Two distinct Electric Piano instruments featuring Tremolo-on and Tremolo-off.
- 11.nki patches
- 1.2 GBytes of sampled material
- Key release samples for both instruments
- Low memory usage, Laptop ready
- Designed effect variations activable (Chorus, Delay, Phaser, Reverb, Rotary)

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