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Missler Topsolid v7.13 (x64)

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[center]Missler Topsolid v7.13 (x64)


Missler Topsolid v7.13 (x64) | 12.8 GB

TopSolid 7 integrates computer-aided design and manufacturing, finite element analysis, product data management, and enterprise resource planning in a single software solution, which allows engineering and production departments to communicate and work together in a controlled and secure environment.

This helps eliminate the risk of potential errors because design and machining data are compatible and are managed and monitored transparently. TopSolid 7 uses multicore technology so the virtual design of assemblies made up of several thousand parts is now possible with acceptable response times.

TopSolid version 6 will continue to be developed and supported over the coming years. The migration and compatibility between the two generations of TopSolid is guaranteed, but TopSolid 7 does not yet offer the industry solutions or CAM capabilities of its predecessor.

System Requirements:
-Windows 7 64-bit*
-Windows 8 & 8.1*
-Windows 10*
-WinRT and Windows 10 S are not supported.
-*Windows (7 or 8 or 8.1 or 10) Home version is not supported.

-CPU:Intel-i7 Processor or AMD equivalent (TopSolid 7 is not compatible with AMD Athlon 32-bit processors only)
-Memory:RAM 16GB
-GPU:nVidia GeForce & Quadro Series with 1 Gb RAM
-Dispaly:Graphic resolution Full HD 1920x1080
-Space:1 Tb hard disk with 100 Gb permanent free space

CPU:Intel-i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz (TopSolid has been fully optimized for Intel CPU's)
Memory:RAM 32GB
GPU:NVIDIA Quadro P2000.

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