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NI DIAdem 2018 SP1 version 18.0.1f7333 (22/2)

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[center]NI DIAdem 2018 SP1 version 18.0.1f7333


NI DIAdem 2018 SP1 version 18.0.1f7333 | 2.3 Gb

The National Instruments team is pleased to announce the availability of DIAdem 2018 SP1 is software for managing, analyzing, and reporting data collected during data acquisition and/or generated during simulations. DIAdem is designed to help you make informed decisions and meet the demands of today's testing environments.

Analysis Server scripts provide new properties and methods for using the SystemLink File Viewer and SystemLink Tag Viewer.

New Features in DIAdem 2018:

- DIAdem offers a much higher resolution for time channels.
- Improvement to parts of the interface through modern, flat design.
- New command for creating a MQTT object. The MQTT object provides the Message Queue Telemetry Transport Protocol in DIAdem. The MQTT protocol is an open message protocol for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication for the transmission of telemetry data between devices.
- For the display of new curves, you can choose between six predefined color schemes or define your own color scheme.
DIAdem NAVIGATOR, DataFinder, Data Portal
- Lossless compression of the metadata of TDM files.
- Optimization of the data type of mass data without significant errors.
- The Bus Log Converter now also supports the AUTOSAR format, Head Acoustics, and the Bus Log Raw format.
- The context menu of the Data Portal has been revised and can be adapted by the user through the script interface.
- You can switch between absolute and relative time displays.
- You can specify a channel that DIAdem uses to color the track in the map display. DIAdem divides the colors of the palette between the largest and the smallest value of the color channel.
- You can change line thickness for curves, for example, to improve the curve display on high-resolution monitors.
- You can now draw curves with edge smoothing.
- In the global DIAdem settings, you can define your own colors that DIAdem automatically uses to create new curves.
- The display of very long, monochrome tracks in the map display has been accelerated.
- New smoothing function: The 4253H filter applies several smoothing in succession, resulting in a smooth signal, but with essential structures still visible.
- New geo functions
. GPS distance from start: Calculates the shortest distance of a GPS coordinate to the following GPS coordinate, taking into account the ellipsoidal shape of the Earth. The function sums up the distance values.
. Calculate SRTM altitude profiles: Determines the corresponding altitude values from longitude and latitude.
. Humidity functions: Conversion of the relative humidity into absolute humidity and vice versa.
- The new ChnEvent function ChnEventInvalidValues checks whether invalid values are contained in a channel.
- An exact check of the value difference has been added to the function ChnEventDetectionDifference. To do so, the function supports three further test modes.
- In DIAdem REPORT you can switch between absolute and relative time displays.
- Revision of the PowerPoint export: Exporting to PPTX format no longer requires PowerPoint to be installed. DIAdem no longer supports export to PPT format, but only to PPTX format. You must convert existing PPT templates to PPTX format. The PowerPoint export can now attach slides to an existing PPTX file.
- Attaching PDF and PPTX files is now also possible directly from the interface.
- New display type "Spider axis systems": With the spider axis systems you can display data of the same categories in the form of a spider web or radar diagram.
- Bar displays can also be grouped.
- Bar displays can also be stacked on top of each other.
- In constants and coordinates you can specify a second coordinate and color the areas between these coordinates. You can also add a comment field to the coordinates.
- In 2D curve displays you can specify the color channel with the values DIAdem uses to display the curves in the palette colors.
- In a 3D axis system with a 3D curve display, you specify a color channel whose values DIAdem uses for displaying the curve in the palette colors.
- At various points, such as bars, filled surfaces, or 3D contour tables, you can set the transparency of the color in the dialog box.
- In a 3D axis system with a 3D curve, you can choose whether DIAdem displays the 3D curve or just a projection to the planes.
- The characteristic diagram display is much faster, especially for large arrays.
- The PDF output of large characteristic diagrams produces much smaller files.
- In the global DIAdem settings, you can define your own colors that DIAdem automatically uses to create new curves.
- The context menu of the REPORT objects has been revised and can be adapted by the user on the script interface.
- Because the zoom mode has been revised, you can position objects more precisely.
- You can change the configuration of the display blocks during the measurement.
- The configuration dialog boxes have been revised in order to structure the block settings clearer.
- Support of cDAQ Chassis with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).
- The ECUMC driver now also supports data output.
- The XNET driver now supports AUTOSAR.
- You can now configure the visibility of signals in the display blocks with a checkbox in the same way as in the REPORT and VIEW panels.
- The tabs have been moved up from the bottom of the workspace. Each tab has its own close icon.
- The performance of the CodeCompletion function - the automatic display of a list of objects, commands, and procedures - is improved.
- You can use the TaskPanel control to define a control with expandable groups containing sub-entries in the user dialog box. You can change the content dynamically, determine the selected entry, and react to a click on this entry.
- The configuration dialog boxes of the Data Preprocessor and the Analysis Server have been revised. For example, you can edit the contents of an Analysis Server packet, such as scripts and layouts, directly in the configuration dialog box.

Bug Fixes

Corrected Errors in DIAdem 2018 SP1

699874 DIAdem cuts off very long error messages.
716108 The example data in the DataPlugin help is incomplete.
Data Portal
684997 You cannot copy channels to an external editor if you select the channel group for copying.
699676 DIAdem calculates inaccurate step widths for an explicit waveform channel if the numeric values consist of a large number of digits before and after the decimal point.
371329 An error occurs if you open a file with a single quotation mark in the filename with the Excel DataPlugin Wizard.
591496 If you load several tests from a dataset into an empty portal with appended loading, DIAdem loads all tests instead of appending the channels from the second test to the channels of the first test.
627286 In MME Export, the leading point is missing from the property identifiers.
701980 DIAdem may crash in certain cases when displaying contours.
720588 In the legend you can only display the distance between the upper and lower cursor for the leading curve, but not for other curves.
720589 If DIAdem displays several curves, the small cross for the second band is missing when using the band cursor in combination with the curve cursor.
712356 If you select a large value for the overlap of the time intervals in the FFT with one time signal, the calculation is only possible for the first call.
718697 The ChnFullSpectrum command with the setting "FullSpectrumIntervalType=NoOfIntervals" may cause an access violation.
719735 The result properties generated by the approximation are only partially grouped.
648883 DIAdem does not align rotated texts correctly if the texts have different reference points.
677505 DIAdem does not correctly align the caption of a 3D color palette if the setting "Label on every nth symbol" does not have the value 1.
701677 In the 2D table dialog box, the entries "Automatic minimum" and "Automatic maximum" in the enumeration list of the table length are reversed.
713275 In the context menu "Add Curve Coordinates" of a curve, the texts "Absolute Maximum" and "Absolute Minimum" were reversed in the English and Japanese versions.
715248 The differential characteristic diagram of a 3D axis system displays wrong results for certain data.
722249 If you align the contents of multi-page 2D tables with the decimal point, the alignment is only correct on the first page of the table.
722266 If there are no contour lines in a characteristic diagram, DIAdem does not color the characteristic diagram.
722286 In 2D tables with horizontal alignment, DIAdem arranges the individual background colors of the heading in the wrong order.
722954 If you rotate an characteristic diagram in the xy-view around the z-axis, the isolines disappear.
710013 The OPC UA driver cannot establish a connection to an OPC UA server if the URL of the server does not match the URL stored in the certificate of the OPC UA server.
711082 The calibration measurement in the "Two-point scaling" block leads to an error.
708698 The functions ChnEventOperationAND, ChnEventOperationOR, and ChnEventFind in formulas with AND or OR can trigger a runtime error if very long result lists are used.

Corrected Errors in DIAdem 2018

The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed in DIAdem 2018. This is not an exhaustive list of issues fixed in the current version. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed. The DIAdem Knowledgebase contains a list of fixed issues from earlier DIAdem versions under the search term Fixed Issues.

CAR ID Description

636620 The example "Checking DataPlugins for Timeout" might lead to an error.
641015 Calling a script with the key combination shift and function key might only be possible once.
647079 The dialog box "Exit DIAdem" does not recognize that changed data files must be saved in TDMS format.
Data Portal
540302 When values are copied from a channel into an empty channel, the target channel receives the name of the source channel.
524528 When values of properties are being searched for on several levels of a data store, for example AOP5, the button "Automatically determine property columns from search" is enabled by default.
637677 The Bus Log Converter does not support more than seven databases.
639560 The Bus Log Converter scales the time stamp of GIN multi-loggers incorrectly.
646570 The channel names created in a Japanese version by the DataPlugin Wizard are incorrect.
647966 If you click the "Reset" button in the Bus Log Converter dialog box, DIAdem enters duplicate entries in the "File type" selection field.
661065 DIAdem does not include files that are not in the list of recently loaded files.
661495 Converting with the Bus Log Converter has become slower.
678864 Loading result columns from a search returns incorrect values when the first values in the column are NoValues.
680154 If you save data with waveform channels as an Excel file in DIAdem, DIAdem only generates a time channel for the first waveform channel, even if the other waveform channels do not have the same values for step width and offset.
680953 If you configure the Bus Log Converter so that DIAdem converts MDF4 files automatically, DIAdem crashes during interactive conversion after you have converted a file with drag and drop.
687217 The Bus Log Converter does not support ID 0 in Vector ASCII files.
690246 When DIAdem loads LVM files, the time channels might be incorrect.
691684 DIAdem cannot load TDMS files when the filename extension was changed, for example, from ".tdms" to ".abc".
696506 DIAdem cannot open TDMS files containing empty channels with scaling information.
696962 When converting CAN FD frames from Vector BLF files, you receive wrong signals.
641698 DIAdem might truncate the cascade displays on the right edge.
653748 The synchronization of videos with the cursor might not work properly.
677011 The legend properties CursorX2 and CursorY2 do not display the values of the second band cursor or second frame cursor.
683279 The contour display might not display horizontal and vertical sections through the data.
683685 The VIEW table might be empty after a layout is transferred to REPORT.
697987 You cannot create and include a user dialog box from a template.
698282 When a cascade is zoomed, DIAdem displays the label channel incorrectly.
698293 DIAdem does not save the label channel of a cascade display.
540722 With certain setting the dialog box "Reducing Classification" does not work correctly.
639569 If you assign a value determined with the function ChnFind to a variable, DIAdem reports a syntax error.
660741 The compound classification returns incorrect values when the input channels contain NoValues.
666356 DIAdem writes the results of the statistical functions coefficient of variation and relative coefficient of variation into the same channel property.
666387 In the calculator, you cannot assign values to the properties of known objects, such as the Data object.
671419 It might not be possible to open the event search dialog box if there is either no data set or a different data set was loaded and you previously used the event search via the dialog box.
678627 The XOffsetCalc command returns incorrect results for XOffsetDeltaN when the time channel does not start with the value 0.
684146 If you change the property names for statistical parameters in a Data Preprocessor configuration, DIAdem also applies these changes to the mathematical function"Descriptive Statistics" after the simulation.
689984 The dialog box for rounding channel values does not display the calculated error.
608824 The graphic export of maps with many interpolation points might lead to an error.
638927 If you deactivate the first curve in a 2D axis system and select the "N systems" setting for the axis position, DIAdem displays the remaining curves incorrectly.
639567 For the 3D curve type "Isolines", you cannot select the "Same color as curve" setting for labeling the contours.
639845 In automatically expanding 2D tables, DIAdem displays the heading field too large.
639848 If the setting "Automatic row height" is selected for the "table length" of a 2D table, DIAdem displays the texts with too little space to the table border.
642850 With certain scaling settings, automatic Y-axis scaling in a 2D axis system can result in an enlarged scaling range when being updated.
643639 DIAdem reports an error if the method "MoveToForeground" is not executed on the active page.
646806 The display of many curves in a 2D axis system may lead DIAdem to crash.
648622 If the DIAdem setting "Print all pages with expanding tables completely" is enabled and the worksheet with the table is not open when exported as a PDF file, DIAdem reports an error and does not create a PDF file.
648740 If you copy and paste grouped objects and then group these group, DIAdem might crash.
652732 The alignment of several 2D axis systems does not function correctly if the "N systems" setting was set for at least one of these 2D axis systems as the "Axis position".
653725 The Diagram Wizard generates an error in scaled layouts.
657060 An error may occur when the Diagram Wizard is being used.
661867 In some cases, DIAdem does not position the curve of a 2D axis system with the scaling mode "Range and ticks manual" in the center of the axis system.
665648 In DIAdem REPORT you can only align main objects with each other.
665890 DIAdem calculates the tick distance in a 2D axis system incorrectly if this axis system contains several constants and the last constant is outside the scale.
668866 When adding 4D or 6D vector curves in a 3D axis system, an error occurs when you change the second or third vector end point.
669874 In a 2D table, the dividing line between the columns and the headings cannot be changed interactively if you have set the scaling to "Automatically increasing" or "Automatic row height".
670718 DIAdem does not always export dashed lines correctly to a PDF file.
675224 You cannot rename a text object through the context menu.
679093 DIAdem exports non-printable pages when exporting to PowerPoint.
679615 DIAdem does not save the changed column order of a 2D table.
683083 The PowerPoint export does not export graphics in portrait format.
688604 The "OnPicUpdateStart" event can lead to access violation under certain circumstances.
692045 If a 2D table contains text with line breaks and you reduce the size of the DIAdem window substantially, DIAdem can no longer export graphics.
692471 In some cases, a differential characteristic diagram shows incorrect values at the edges.
697843 If DIAdem cannot find the channel for labeling the curve points, DIAdem uses the y-channel as the labeling channel.
638118 It is not possible to change the case when renaming a block.
644036 A block diagram, which operates two output blocks with a driver and a system clock in the foreground and in the interrupt mode, might crash during the measurement.
645130 Counter measurement with the NI-DAQmx driver lead to inaccurate results.
648824 When the DAC dialog box "Save Data" is opened when the setting "The capacity of the storage medium determines the end of the measurement" is enabled, an error occurs.
686310 In some cases DIAdem calculates the maximum possible sampling rate incorrectly when measuring with the NI-DAQMX driver in hardware clock.
695728 The script driver does not find a script file if the file name contains additional dots in addition to the file name extension.
626576 The DIAdem script debugger does not work if you place a breakpoint directly after the MsgBox or the InputBox command.
641235 With the ECU driver it is not possible to assign values to ECU properties with a script.
647020 Deleting a large number of channels with the Data.Remove method may be slow if there are many channels in the Data Portal.
651270 You cannot load text searches in the configuration dialog box of the Analysis Server Procedure.
652675 The TextToClipBoard command can block actions with the clipboard if the clipboard does not contain any texts.
653821 If you edit a file in the script editor that is stored on a slow network drive, there may be delays in displaying the characters you have just entered.
660751 The FileCopy command only ends the copy process after the second manual abort.
662217 The value of the channel property "implicit_start" of an implicit time channel is not a vbDate data type.
663653 When processing the values of the property "Properties " with the DataTypeFloat32 data type, DIAdem includes too many decimal places.
670754 The Activate for Sheet method also automatically opens the DIAdem REPORT panel.
676812 The execution of the property Navigator.Display.CurrDataStore.GetDataStore.RootElements.Count leads to a crash of DIAdem when only the "Computer" data store is enabled.
678209 DIAdem does not replace the channel names of CSV files in a Data Preprocessor configuration via "Replace property values" when these files use a DataPlugin that supports row-based reading of the data.
679534 If you set columns with special control characters as fixed replacement pattern in the dialog box "Replace Property Values�Edit Rule" in the configuration of the Data Preprocessor, the dialog box will crash.
679681 The command ChnGenTime cannot create a constant time channel.
688527 The Analysis Server does not support the ExportToPowerPoint for Sheets method.
692781 If you use the command DataFileSave with the storage method "CSV_EXPORT", a memory leak occurs.


About NI DIAdem. DIAdem is a single, unified software environment that helps you be more efficient when post-processing your measurement data. It is optimized for large data sets and includes tools to quickly search for the data you need, view and investigate that data, transform it with engineering-specific analysis functions, and share results with a powerful drag-and-drop report editor. Scripts in DIAdem can help you automate your repetitive data post-processing tasks and transform your measurement data into valuable insights.

About National Instruments. Since 1976, National Instruments has equipped engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery. NI's graphical system design approach to engineering provides an integrated software and hardware platform that speeds the development of any system needing measurement and control. The company's long-term vision and focus on improving society through its technology supports the success of its customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

Product: NI DIAdem
Version: 2018 SP1 version 18.0.1f7333
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english, german, japanese
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems:*
Size: 2.3 Gb

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