[center]NI DIAdem 2018 SP1 v18.0.1f7333 (x64)


NI DIAdem 2018 SP1 v18.0.1f7333 (x64) | Language:English | File Size: 745 MB

DIAdem is a single, unified software environment that helps you be more efficient when post-processing your measurement data. It is optimized for large data sets and includes tools to quickly search for the data you need, view and investigate that data, transform it with engineering-specific analysis functions, and share results with a powerful drag-and-drop report editor.

Scripts in DIAdem can help you automate your repetitive data post-processing tasks and transform your measurement data into valuable insights. DIAdem users with an active Standard Service Program (SSP) membership are eligible to upgrade to the latest DIAdem.

System Requirements:
-Windows 10 (x64)
-Windows 8.1 Update 1 (x64)
-Windows 7 64-bit with Service Pack 12 (x64)
-Windows Server 2016
-Windows Server 2012 R2 Update1
-Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 12

CPU:x64 compatible processor, 1.6 GHz or more
RAM:2 GB or more
Hard disk:Depending on the operating system, up to 3 GB free storage space, of which at least 2 GB are on the system partition
GPU:Color depth at least 16-bit (High Color), 24-bit, or 32-bit (True Color) recommended
Screen resolution:From 1024x768 with a 100% scaling step
Whats New:
Corrected Errors in DIAdem 2018 SP1

-699874 DIAdem cuts off very long error messages.
-716108 The example data in the DataPlugin help is incomplete.

Data Portal:
-684997 You cannot copy channels to an external editor if you select the channel group for copying.
-699676 DIAdem calculates inaccurate step widths for an explicit waveform channel if the numeric values consist of a large number of digits before and after the decimal point.

-371329 An error occurs if you open a file with a single quotation mark in the filename with the Excel DataPlugin Wizard.
-591496 If you load several tests from a dataset into an empty portal with appended loading, DIAdem loads all tests instead of appending the channels from the second test to the channels of the first test.
-627286 In MME Export, the leading point is missing from the property identifiers.

-701980 DIAdem may crash in certain cases when displaying contours.
-720588 In the legend you can only display the distance between the upper and lower cursor for the leading curve, but not for other curves.
-720589 If DIAdem displays several curves, the small cross for the second band is missing when using the band cursor in combination with the curve cursor.

-712356 If you select a large value for the overlap of the time intervals in the FFT with one time signal, the calculation is only possible for the first call.
-718697 The ChnFullSpectrum command with the setting "FullSpectrumIntervalType=NoOfIntervals" may cause an access violation.
-719735 The result properties generated by the approximation are only partially grouped.

-648883 DIAdem does not align rotated texts correctly if the texts have different reference points.
-677505 DIAdem does not correctly align the caption of a 3D color palette if the setting "Label on every nth symbol" does not have the value 1.
-701677 In the 2D table dialog box, the entries "Automatic minimum" and "Automatic maximum" in the enumeration list of the table length are reversed.
-713275 In the context menu "Add Curve Coordinates" of a curve, the texts "Absolute Maximum" and "Absolute Minimum" were reversed in the English and Japanese versions.
-715248 The differential characteristic diagram of a 3D axis system displays wrong results for certain data.
-722249 If you align the contents of multi-page 2D tables with the decimal point, the alignment is only correct on the first page of the table.
-722266 If there are no contour lines in a characteristic diagram, DIAdem does not color the characteristic diagram.
-722286 In 2D tables with horizontal alignment, DIAdem arranges the individual background colors of the heading in the wrong order.
-722954 If you rotate an characteristic diagram in the xy-view around the z-axis, the isolines disappear.

-710013 The OPC UA driver cannot establish a connection to an OPC UA server if the URL of the server does not match the URL stored in the certificate of the OPC UA server.
-711082 The calibration measurement in the "Two-point scaling" block leads to an error.

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