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Vero Edgecam 2020.0.1932 | 4.0 Gb

Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division is pleased to announce the release of EDGECAM 2020.0.1932. Apart from fixes in the detected issues, this version hosts a couple of noteworthy enhancements as well.

Vero Edgecam 2020.0.1932 Release Notes:
- Roughing Cycle Prismatic Geometry generates Wrong toolpath Fixed
- Generate NC 2020.0 is slower than 2019 R1 Fixed
- File Save Error saving temporary solid data when running multiple sessions unattended Fixed
- Roughing XY Offset and intermediate slices gouging solid Fixed
Vero EdgeCAM. is a market leading computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system for NC part programming. With unparalleled ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation, it's the only CAM system you'll need for milling, turning and mill-turn machining.
Edgecam utilizes your in house knowledge and experience to drive the CAM process with automation tools to suit different applications - allowing you to maintain your competitive edge.
A number of new and enhanced features in EDGECAM 2020.0 provide increased productivity for both milling and turning users.

5-axis 'Tilt' Control Strategy & Barrel Cutter
The introduction of a specific 5-axis 'Tilt' control strategy, combined with a 'Barrel Cutter,' is said to be the most significant enhancement in the latest release of EDGECAM, from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's Production Software division. Barrel cutters are recognised as one of the fastest tools when 5-axis machining, and are now fully supported in the EDGECAM Toolstore.
Advanced 5-Axis Cycle
the Advanced 5-axis cycle also offers further gouge checking in the Swarf command, along with extra "ink" control in all strategies.
Quick Toolpaths Generation
With the need to generate quick toolpaths to reduce production costs, EDGECAM 2020.0 offers a significant performance boost when either roughing or profiling a solid model. Essentially, the machining engine will only compute data constrained within the boundary, ignoring the rest of the model. This significantly decreases the cache size, while generating faster toolpaths.
Deep Hole Strategy
Formerly introduced in the Hole cycle in the 2018 R1 release, the 'Deep Hole" strategy has been enhanced, justifying the creation of its own individual cycle. The original modifiers have been improved, and further control tabs have been added to the cycle, giving greater control over the toolpath.
Thread Profiling Cycle | Turning
The Turning environment offers a new machining cycle - Thread Profiling. Reacting to a high frequency of enhancement requests from customers in this area, EDGECAM 2020.0 allows users to effortlessly machine complex form threads such as VAM and Acme. The cycle provides both roughing and finishing strategies, allowing users to specify their own thread forms.
Chip Prevention Control
The ever-popular Waveform Machining Strategy has been enhanced with 'Chip Prevention' control. Under certain conditions, a toolpath can generate a thin island of material (chip), which, as it gets thinner can cause machining stresses, and potentially break the tool. We've introduced the 'Chip Prevention' option which alters the toolpath pattern, by machining across the island of material, removing the possibility of machining stresses, allowing users to maintain optimum feeds and speeds.
Quill Command
Supporting the growing number of machine tools possessing an 'Auxiliary Z' (Quill), EDGECAM 2020.0 introduces a Code Wizard enhancement, letting users add a secondary working spindle. This supports multi-task machine, along with any combination of Table/Head Milling machines. Coupled with that, a new 'Quill Command (Move menu), offer greater control when commanding the second working axis.
Break Edge Angle & Stand Off Value | Finish Cycles
When using the Finish Grooving cycle, users can now control the 'Break Edge' angle. In previous EDGECAM releases, the break angle was set at 45-degrees. In the Finish Turning cycle a 'stand off' value can now be defined when using 'Up Cut' control.
XY Offset | Hole Cycle
An XY Offset can be set when deploying the Hole Cycle's 'Helical' strategy, allowing users to control both surface finish and tool wear. It also leads to reduced CAD preparation time, while guaranteeing that the cycle is associative to the solid model.
New Tool Types
Two new tool types - Dovetail, and Double Angle - have been added to the Toolstore. This does away with the need to create custom graphics for them, saving time and programming costs. And the tools work automatically with the Slot Cycle.
Turning & Mill-Turn | EDGECAM Inspect
Developers have responded to numerous customer requests by expanding the ability of Inspect components in both the Turning and Mill-Turn environments.
Interface | EDGECAM Inspect
The overall interface of EDGECAM Inspect has been upgraded to adopt the work-flow ribbon toolbar, improving interactivity. The 'Probing Options' menu has been split into two separate dialogs, meaning users can concentrate on Output and Inspect preferences individually.
Safe Retract | EDGECAM Inspect
Safe Retract controls have been added to the inspection cycles, for users to state multiple positions while controlling the probe's movement. The 'Index' command now contains the ability for further positional manipulation, where an alternative angle may now be specified in order to view the components on the machine tool.
Angle To Line | EDGECAM Inspect
The new 'Angle To Line' feature merges three previous commands into one function, allowing the Angle Direction to be specified in the Data Report.
Constructed Features | EDGECAM Inspect
Constructed features have been updated, so that 'Straightness' can now be specified while editing the 'Constructed Line' feature. And both the Circular and Arc features can now be converted and re-specified when edited.
EDGECAM Designer
Around 50 enhancements have been made to the optional EDGECAM Designer module, which bridges the gap between CAD and CAM, focusing on the specific needs of machinist programmers.
Reacting to a high frequency of enhancement requests, EDGECAM 2020.0 offers it's Turning customers a new machining cycle - Thread Profiling. The cycle allows users to effortlessly machine complex form threads such as VAM and Acme using both rough and finishing strategies.

Vero Software. is part of Hexagon, a leading global provider of information technologies that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications. Vero Software is a world leader in CAD CAM software with a proven track record of reliable product delivery. Vero develops and distributes software for aiding the design and manufacturing processes, providing solutions for the tooling, production engineering, sheet metal, metal fabrication, stone and woodworking industries. The company's world-renowned brands include Alphacam, Cabinet Vision, Edgecam, Machining STRATEGIST, PEPS, Radan, SMIRT, SURFCAM, VISI, and WorkNC, along with the production control MRP system Javelin. Despite the diversity of application, these solutions have one thing in common: they all address the rising challenges of achieving manufacturing efficiencies and bring huge value to the operations where they are deployed.
Product: Vero EdgeCAM
Version: 2020.0.1932
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 4.0 Gb

Minimum Specifications
- 32 or 64-bit Intel Pentium 4 processor (2 GHz or faster), Intel Xeon, Intel Core, AMD Athlon 64, AMD Opteron, AMD Phemnom or later, in single, dual or quad core versions.
- 1 GB RAM for Windows XP, 2 GB for Windows Vista/Windows 7 and 4GB for 64-bit operating systems.
To make the most of background processing and multi-threading, we recommend a 64-bit operating system and 2GB RAM for each processor as a minimum.
- 10 GB free disk space for the Alphacam installation
- Graphics card
. OpenGL compliant
. Minimum 128 MB memory for wireframe systems
. Minimum 256 MB memory for solid model systems
. 32 Bit Colour Depth
- 17" Colour monitor (1280 x 1024 screen resolution)
- Mouse including wheel (Intellimouse)
- SpaceMouse/SpaceBall (optional)
- Network card
- Internet Explorer 6 or above
- Internet connection for license activation/updates
- USB port for the Alphacam security key (unless using keyless licensing)
Supported Operating Systems
We recommend you install the latest service packs for the supported operating systems.
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP3 required)
- Microsoft Windows Vista Business*/ Enterprise*/ Ultimate*
- Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
- Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
- Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
* Installations on Windows Vista require SP1 we recommend you install the latest service pack.
When installing on Windows Vista or Windows 7:
- We recommend that you update to the latest security key drivers (if a security key is fitted).
- You may experience problems with the driver supplied by your graphics card manufacturer - check for the latest driver updates on the web site for your card.

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