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Lectora Inspire 12.1.2 Build 10083

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[center]Lectora Inspire 12.1.2 Build 10083


Lectora Inspire 12.1.2 Build 10083 | 1.07 GB

12 Times the Productivity, Style and Engagement Lectora Inspire is here to save the day when you need that extra oomph to create dynamic, engaging e-Learning that stands out from the crowd. Theres a reason the Global 2000 choose Lectora to create powerful e-Learning. Take a look at all the new usability improvements we just added in Lectora 12 or keep reading to find out why Lectora has so many fans.

Take your training to the next level with interactions and scenario-based learning. Plus, customize your projects with external code like javascript or HTML5.
Get started right away with the intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, wizards and custom templates. We are here for you with helpful tips and resources all the time too.
Lectora Inspire includes one full year of maintenance with free upgrades. It also comes with Camtasia, Snagit and Flypaper.
Be an expert in no time.
Your boss will be amazed by how quickly you picked up Lectora. We know its the intuitive interface and helpful online resources, but do not worry we will let you take all the credit.
Achieve your goals.
Create custom e-Learning that fits your needs. A strong question creator and collaborative review tools help you create effective and engaging online training with maximum ROI.
Bring learning to life.
Get the power to create animations with no experience needed, thanks to Lectoras pre made actions. If you can imagine it, Lectora can build it and your learners will love it!
Publish your way.
Going mobile? Publish to HTML5 with one click! Need to publish SCORM content? No problem! Exporting survey results to Google Drive? Easy! Want to share your online training on social media? No worries!
What's new in version 12.1.2:
New Feature:
- New with this release is the ability to save a default button style. With one click, you can now save any buttons style (i.e., shape, color, size, text, effects, states, etc.) as the default for the current title so that any new buttons you insert will be added in this style.
Issues fixed in this release:
- SCORM exit function does not successfully complete from the onbeforeunload
- Copied plain text sentences with apostrophes show as spelling errors
- Update help information text for eLB login assistance
- Variables are not synched between page and web window page
- If using the page in title option for a Web Window, Run mode causes the Title Explorers focus to jump to the page identified in the web window
- Resizing the Lectora window can cause text editor to open in the wrong location
- Flash events do not work if the URL contains a hyphen ~
- SCORM 2004 courses reset when going back third time
- GoToPage in new window, first time shows scroll bars
- The pause action is not working for Timer progress bar
- Right Mouse Click also triggers Mouse Click
- In Run mode, on Hide, Go To, Next Page kicks user back into Edit mode
- Actions on a text block that act on audio may cause a javascript error (IE8 only)
- Text blocks with borders display at different size depending on browser
- Rollover look on Image buttos renders incorrectly on IE8
- Hyphens in text blocks with Wrap Text enabled can cause extra spaces
- Images with transitions are not honoring opacity setting
- Initially hidden text blocks with a transition once they are shown the text is not rendered correctly
- White text does not look opaque in buttons, text blocks and shapes
- Videos will not Loop or play more than once
- Initially Hidden audio that uses controller can not be made visible
- Transitions on button/shape won't show when entering run/preview for the first time
- All objects in IE9 display with 100% opacity
- Transparent button with a transition initially shows up with an opacity of 100%
- Files with no names, just extensions, appear in the manifest file
- Certain flipped images on IE9 (native) show with black background when published
- When enabling Protect Content on Publish you can not enter data in an entry field (Only on Safari)
- Cropped image name not being added to the manifest file; using non-cropped name
- Publish options which includes a .ZIP file (e.g., ZIP, SCORM, ReviewLink, etc.) are not updating correctly on second publish.

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Вы здесь » Всё для администраторов » Софт » Lectora Inspire 12.1.2 Build 10083