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SIMetrix 8.20a | 746.5 mb

SIMetrix Technologies has launched SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 8.20a. This product families provide professional circuit design and simulation tools for analog and power electronics engineers. SIMetrix and SIMPLIS are separate simulators working within the SIMetrix development envionment that provides schematic entry, waveform capture and built-in scripting.

New Features for Both SIMetrix and SIMPLIS

- New Waveform Viewer
The waveform viewer in version 8.2 is completely new and has been rewritten from the ground up. The new viewer remains compatible with previous versions but has many new features, higher performance and improved graphics.
- Multi-step Probing
The arbitrary fixed probe, now has the ability to Description performance analyses and Monte Carlo histograms.
- Component Enable/Disable
Parts on a schematic may be disabled without deleting. This leaves the part visible in the schematic but non-functional. Any part can be disabled, including terminals, probes and ground connectors.
- Transformer GUI
The dialog boxes used to define all types of transformer, including Ideal Transformers, Ideal DC Transformers (preferred for SIMPLIS) and Saturable Transformers (for SIMetrix) have been improved. Winding polarity is now supported and the winding specification is now a list which is easier to use.
- Shift Reference
There may be a case where you have waveform data that does not start at x equals to zero. For example, you have imported oscilloscope waveforms where the time starts at a negative time. Three options exist to shift the waveform in the x-axis (time in the example mentioned). This function is best used on data with a linear x-axis.
- Piece-Wise Linear Curve Fit
A new dialog has been added to allow you to quickly obtain a PWL approximation of a curve. Currently, there exists a generic curve fit option and three specialized options for the following device characteristics:
. Charge vs. Voltage of a capacitor
. Flux-Linkage vs. Current of an inductor
. Current vs. Voltage of a diode
- DVM Enhancements
Changes to the DVM module include:
. Added a Monte Carlo Testplan that utilizes the DVM sensitivity tolerance file.
. Added Multi-Step and Monte Carlo built-in Testplans. Simplifies the transitioning of your non-DVM schematic to a DVM-enabled schematic.
. Updated the built-in Efficiency Testplan to use Multi-Step. This can exploit the Multi-Core capabilities of Pro and Elite licenses.
. Added a utility to include probes in DVM reports.

New Features for the SIMPLIS Simulator

- Simulation Health Report
Helps diagnose common auto-detectable simulation errors and warnings. When enabled, if you encounter an error or warning that has a recommended solution or suggestion, a Health Report will be displayed.
- Pole-Zero Entry Dialog
Enter the Poles and Zeros of your S-Domain Transfer Function instead of the coefficients. The poles and zeros are entered in radians per second (?); however, by setting the Frequency Scale Factor to 2*?, the entries can be made in Hertz. Depending on the order of the filter, the poles and zeros can be real or complex. The poles and zeros can be located on the left-half plane or the right-half plane.

Changes for both the SIMetrix and SIMPLIS simulators
- New Waveform viewer
- Performance analysis and Histogram fixed-probe Descriptions.
- Schematic component disable
- Transformer GUI improvements
- DVM Enhancements
. Monte Carlo Testplan
. Multi-Step Testplan
. Multi-Core Efficiency Testplan
- Curve shift interface
- Piece-Wise Linear curve fitting
Changes for the SIMetrix simulator
- Global PSpice and HSpice compatibility options
Changes for the SIMPLIS simulator
- Simulation Health Report
- Continuous/Discrete Time Filter Pole-Zero Entry Dialog


SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elite.[/b] SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elite builds on SIMetrix/SIMPLIS to introduce Multi-core support and the same SIMetrix features as SIMetrix Elite.

Key features
- All features of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS
- System Designer. This is a set of SIMPLIS schematic building blocks that are optimized to model digitally controlled, power electronics systems
- Multi-core support up to 16 cores
- Verilog, IC design features and real-time noise for SIMetrix. See SIMetrix Elite for details
Who's it for?
- Power IC designers
- Switching power system designers
Product options
- Design verification module
- SIMPLIS VH module - Verilog-HDL for SIMPLIS

Learn the basics of the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS circuit analysis software. SIMetrix is a standard SPICE program for simulating electrical circuits and SIMPLIS is a piecewise linear circuit analysis program geared towards non-linear switching circuits.

Lesson includes creating new projects, switching between simulators, drawing circuits, running simulations, editing parts values, editing models and an overview of advanced options such as Monte Carlo, POP and writing automation scripts.

About SIMetrix Technologies Ltd. We are an independent company dedicated to providing cost-effective, class-leading analog design tools to the professional engineering community. Our company was borne out of frustration. As professional electronics engineers, we couldn't find a circuit simulator on the market that would give us the features we wanted at a price we could afford... so we wrote our own. That was in 1992.

In 2001 we established a partnership with SIMPLIS Technologies, which created the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS product for analysis of power circuits. We now operate seamless sales channels offering each other's complementary products, although we remain as separate companies.

Product: SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elite
Version: 8.20a with DVM and Verilog for SIMPLIS
Supported Architectures: 32bit /64 bit
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 746.5 mb

Operating System - 64 bit Versions

The following operating systems are fully supported for SIMetrix and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 64-bit versions:

Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise - 64 bit editions
Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 8.1 Enterprise - 64 bit editions
Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise - 64 bit editions
Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate - 64 bit editions

Operating System - 32-bit Versions

The following operating systems are fully supported for SIMetrix and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 32-bit versions:

Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate - 32 bit editions

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