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SAP PowerDesigner 16.6 SP06 | 1.3 Gb

The SAP AG team is pleased to announce the availability of SAP PowerDesigner 16.6 SP06. This solution helps you manage complex information architectures and visualize the potential impact of new technologies-before you implement them.

New Features version 16.6 SP06:

- Symbol Format [Web Client]
A new format toolbar allows you to change the fill, outline, and font color of symbols.
- Open Diagram [Web Client]
A new Open Diagram tool in object property sheets lets you open any of the diagrams in which the object appears.
- Analysis Criteria and Heat Map Enhancements [Web Client]
You can now search for and apply analysis criteria to multiple objects at once and change the analysis values applied to objects on the fly when heat map coloring is active.
- Capability Coverage [Desktop/Web Client]
A new Capability Coverage list on the Dependencies tab of application property sheets allows you to add business capabilities to the list and specify the maturity of the application's coverage of them.
- Requirements Diagram [Web Client]
New requirement diagrams allow you to visualize the hierarchy and other relationships between all or some of the requirements from your requirements list.
- CDS Extensions [Desktop Client]
We now provide support for HANA CDS extensions for entities.
- Web Extension Enhancements [Web Client]
Custom properties now support URL and Date data types.You can also now modify the values appearing in drop-down lists for certain properties and add new types of dependencies.
- Change List Reassignment [Web Client]
If the creator of a draft change list is unavailable, an administrator can now re-assign the draft changes to another user.
- Custom Tool Placement [Web Client]
You can now control the positioning of custom tools in the Web client toolbox when editing EAM diagrams checked in from the desktop.
- Custom Symbol Changes [Desktop Client]
A new command, Symbol Restore Format, restores the default formats to selected symbols. These may be the standard formats or any custom symbol formatting defined in an extension file. Symbol Restore Format for All Diagrams restores the default formats to all symbols in your model.

About SAP PowerDesigner. SAP PowerDesigner is a business process and data modelling software and metadata management solution for Enterprise Architecture (EA). SAP PowerDesigner software helps you to build a blueprint of your current architecture in its entirety and to understand its many interdependencies. With the SAP PowerDesigner you can visualize, understand, and manage the impact of change to your enterprise system right from the beginning.

It helps you document your current technology and manage change to your enterprise by providing a simplified visualization of complex architectural components that makes them more understandable and accessible. It provides tools to support a model-driven architecture design using industry-standard techniques, a powerful metadata repository, and unique "link-and-sync" technology.

About SAP SE. SAP SE (SAP) is a software and service provider. The Company offers enterprise application software. The Company operates through two segments: Applications, Technology & Services segment, and the SAP Business Network segment. The Applications, Technology & Services segment is engaged in the sale of software licenses, subscriptions to its cloud applications, and related services (primarily support services and various professional services, and support services, as well as implementation services of its software products and education services on the use of its products). The SAP Business Network segment includes its cloud-based collaborative business networks and services relating to the SAP Business Network (including cloud applications, professional services and education services). Within the SAP Business Network segment, the Company markets and sells the cloud offerings developed by SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass and Concur.

Product: SAP PowerDesigner
Version: 16.6 SP06 (build
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 1.3 Gb

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