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Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 version 1902 build 11328.20146 | 9.3 Gb

The Microsoft product team is pleased to announce the availability of Office 2019 version 1902 Build 11328.20146. This is geared towards those business customers who aren't ready to adopt the cloud-based Office 365.

Version 1902 (Build 11328.20146) - March 4. 2019
Access: Feature updates
- Keep tabs on your database objects: Clearly see the active tab, easily drag tabs to rearrange them, and close database objects with just one click.
- Zoom with more room: Make the Zoom box bigger, change the font, and Zoom remembers it all. Learn more
Excel: Feature updates
- Get their attention with @mentions: Use @mentions in comments to let co-workers know when you need their input. Learn more
- Discover more about your data: The new Ideas button looks for patterns in your data, and uses them to create intelligent, personalized suggestions. Learn more
- Save your changes as they happen: Upload your file to OneDrive to make sure all your updates are saved automatically.
- Ability to insert SVG's with filters applied: Office users now have the ability to insert SVG's that have filters applied to them. Learn more
Outlook: Feature updates
- Build in time between back-to-back meetings: Give attendees time to catch their breath or travel between locations by setting meetings to end 5-10 minutes early by default. Learn more here and here
- Use Read Aloud to listen to your email: Outlook can read your email aloud, highlighting text as it's read. To turn on Read Aloud, go to the Ease of Access settings. Learn more
- Message Encryption: encrypt-only IRM policy: New encrypt-only option appears in the Options > Permissions menu for Office 365 Message Encryption users. This option allows you to encrypt a message and send it to anyone, inside or outside your organization. Learn more
- New default for range of recurrence: For the Recurrence dialog, the range of recurrence used to default for "No end date". This facilitated the creation of long-running recurring series, which can become corrupted over time. We are updating the default for the Recurrence dialog to "End by", such that our default value matches recommended best practices for calendaring.
PowerPoint: Feature updates
- Inserting an online video is easier than ever: Want to put a video from Vimeo or YouTube on your slide? The video page link is all you need. Learn more
- You compute, we format: We change hand-drawn math expressions into standard characters. Just choose Ink to Math and select your handwritten notes to get started. Learn more
- Save your changes as they happen: Upload your file to OneDrive to make sure all your updates are saved automatically.
- Hyperlinks in living color: Hyperlinks aren't just blue anymore. Apply any font color you like. Learn more CHANGE 24843
Word: Feature updates
- Save your changes as they happen: Upload your file to OneDrive to make sure all your updates are saved automatically.
- Find out why AutoSave isn't on! Clicking on the AutoSave toggle when it's off will now either display a helpful callout with reasons why AutoSave might be off. In the case where the only reason preventing AutoSave is the fact that the document is not on OneDrive or SharePoint, we will offer to move the document conveniently with one button click!
Office Suite: Feature updates
- Installation of Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is installed by default for new installations of Office 365 ProPlus. Learn More
About Microsoft Office 2019. The latest version is the ninth to be released for Windows since Microsoft unveiled the inaugural software in 1990 and the first version to come out since Office 2016 hit the market in September 2015.
New features of Office 2019
Office 2019 will include new perpetual versions - where the license is purchased outright and effectively has no expiry date - of all the Office apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Skype for Business and server products including Exchange, SharePoint and also Skype for Business.
Beyond the programs we've all come to know and expect from Microsoft Office - such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - the 2019 edition will also include Outlook client applications and server versions of Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business. Some new features of Office 2019 will include:
- Improved and expanded formulas and charts that will make the data analysis capabilities of Excel even more powerful
- "Inking" options like pressure sensitivity, tilt effects, and ink reply, which will allow for users to more naturally make notes and draw on top of documents when using touch- and pen-enabled devices
- Integration of "Morph" and "Zoom" visual animation features (currently only available through Microsoft 365) into PowerPoint
- Enhanced enterprise functionality
- Server updates that will focus on superior IT manageability, usability, voice recognition, and security

About Microsoft. Microsoft is a software corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells a range of software products and services
Product: Microsoft Office
Version: 2019 Professional Plus version 1902 Build 11328.20146
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
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Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 9.3 Gb

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