[center]Autodesk 3DS MAX 2020.3 Update Only (x64)


Autodesk 3DS MAX 2020.3 Update Only (x64)
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3ds Max 2020 is a powerful 3D modeling and animation solution used by game developers, visual effects artists, and graphic designers to create massive worlds, stunning scenes, and engaging virtual reality (VR) experiences.

Facilities and software features in Autodesk 3ds Max:
-material design a variety of models, shapes, materials and high complexity and detail
-have different effects in terms of animating
-having a complete and professional modeling tools
-Ability to import the output of various animation software and computer design and engineering
-Support for multiple extensions to apply visual effects
-Create the light source in the desired location and thus the formation of the shadow object
-Ability to model designed for professional video
-intelligent software to recognize the beginning and end of the animation
-recognize the body's response to the action taken on it
-the latest rendering of the project in order to improve the speed and quality
-Ability to use programming language Python in project development

System Requirements:
OS:Microsoft Windows� 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Professional operating system
CPU:64-bit Intel� or AMD� multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set
Memory:4 GB of RAM minimum (8 GB or more recommended)
Space:9 GB of free disk space for install or more

Whats New
3ds Max 2020.1 Update Release Notes:

MAXX Alembic:
-Alembic no longer causes all edges to be visible even when importing quad meshes.

MAXX Animation:
-Fixed a vertex anomaly with skinned models that resulted in bad vertex placements on certain frames.
-Fixed a truncation error for the "Per-View Presets:" string in the Make Preview dialog.
-Fixed issue with User Defined viewport settings in Make Preview animation.

MAXX Core:
-When opening a multiple scenes, layers are no longer lost when one of the files fails to open.
-Fixed issue with Hair and Fur not being generated when scene xrefed.
-The MAXScript command now respects quiet mode: 'with quiet on max file new'.
-Spinners and sliders now correctly display integer values larger then 16777217. E.g.: 16777217 was displaying as 16777216.
-Large integers used as parameters of scene entities are no longer truncated when they pass through dimension conversions. E.g.: 16777217 was truncated to 16777216.
-Maxfind.exe now supports the language packs shipped with 3ds Max.
-Fixed various buffer overflow issues.
-Undo history no longer deletes when assigning a material to an object by drag and dropping it from the Material Editor to the object in the viewport.

-Fixed issue with changing the casing of existing files during file save and export. When saving or exporting to a new file, the extension of the new file will always be lower case. When saving or exporting to an existent file, the casing of that file name and extension are preserved.

MAXX Interop:
-Fixed a runtime error that sometimes occurred when running the Building Object Style Editor in Civil View.

0Added MAXScript variables to set the foreground and background colors of selected text in the Listener and MacroRecorder windows, as text was sometimes unreadable.
0Better colors specified for parenthesis in MAXScript Editor so that it is easier to identify the matching parenthesis.
-Error messages displayed in the MAXScript Listener now more consistently respect the language pack 3ds Max is using, regardless of the language set in the Windows Regional settings.
-The MAXScript debugger now respects turning off the "Allow Break On Throw" option.
-MAXScript Listener in the Extended View no longer breaks when using F11 or Scripting/MAXScript Listener.
-Fixed issues with MAXScript Editor not colorizing some script elements properly.
-Fixed hang when parsing macroscript with no space between the end-of-string quote and the macro body -start left parenthesis.
-Fixed performance issue with MAXScript writing to a log file with buffered write turned off. For more details regarding buffered writes with log files, see the openLog MAXScript command.
-Fixed exception by MAXScript API InstanceMgr.GetInstances, when passed an empty input array. The API now returns 0 if the input array is empty.
-Fixed issue with amax and amin MAXScript functions where they would produce different results depending on argument order and type.

MAXX MaterialEditors:
-Removed the ability to set values over 1000 in the interface and over 60 000 in MAXScript, which was causing crashes.

MAXX Modeling:
-Fixed missing presets with non-English versions of 3ds Max.
-Fixed a chamfer issue causing bumps on concave corners.
-3ds Max no longer crashes opening some scenes containing TextPlus.
-Fixed a crash when joining bodies.
-Deleting faces when snap is enabled no longer causes the software to crash.

MAXX PointCloud:
-FDisplay volumes now refresh properly when intersecting with Point Cloud objects.
-Fixed an issue when creating a primitive after loading a point cloud file.

MAXX Python:
-Fixed crash when using the "%" formatting character with Python's logger.
-Fixed encoding of demoPySideLoader.py
-Fixed issue with empty Python or MAXScript array when used as reference parameter to MAXScript function called from Python through pymxs.
-Fixed crash when function called by the MaxPlus NotificationHandler raised an exception. On raised exception, the execution stack will be displayed and the reported error will be printed in the MAXScript Listener.

Fixed warnings in various Qt based 3ds Max SDK "how to" projects.

MAXX SmartContentLibrary:
-In-product links for the Asset Library download now takes you directly to the Asset Library page within the App Store.

-3ds Max help links are now redirecting to the appropriate language as expected when using language localized versions of 3ds Max.
-Fixed issue where keyboard shortcut for context specific help (F1) doesn't always redirect to the context specific help documentation page and defaults to the main help page instead.
-Selection Lock toggle command now adds or removes the checkmark icon when added to a menu.
-Alt+Q Hotkey can now be assigned properly.
-Delete key can now be assigned as a keyboard shortcut.
-Fixed crash when pressing reset in Customize User Interface/Keyboard tab.

-Unwrap UVS's UV Editor no longer selects objects you did not select when in SelectByElement mode.
-Fixed issue where you couldn't select faces properly in Unwrap UVWs using Maya Interaction mode.
-Fixed issue where UV Map caused faces to be broken when using Box or Cylindrical mapping.

Known issues and workarounds

-Issue The the Command Panel contents for Editable Spline sometimes present themselves in the wrong order.
-Issue Using extended viewports feature in combination with a floating viewport can result in undesired behavior. E.g.: maximizing a view might result in the inability to minimize or restore the original viewport layout. Workaround: Reset viewport layout from the Views->Viewport Configuration dialog->Layout tab while the floating viewport is active.


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