x86,x64 | File Size: 4.03 GB

Trimble Business Center is designed for modern survey companies and offers great opportunities for joint processing of survey data, which can be imported directly from satellite receivers and controllers, as well as from total stations and digital levels. The most powerful visualization and modeling tools provide high versatility and unmatched processing power of the package. Despite many innovative and unique features, the program is extremely easy to use. Trimble Business Center is the result of many years of development and experience aimed at ensuring maximum comfort when working with the program, as well as effective and correct data processing. The functionality of the program combines many tasks of processing and presenting data in a single user interface. Trimble Business Center allows you to import measurements from Trimble satellite receivers, as well as in the RINEX format. The data during import can be checked and, if necessary, corrected errors made in the field.

The program allows you to view and edit observation sessions and vectors, view data in chronological order, evaluate the consistency of sessions and their observation sessions, create processing styles, and use them as templates for calculations in other projects. The program has wide functionality for creating reporting documentation. You can create various types of reports and data tables. Trimble Business Center supports the import and processing of data from all modern Trimble total stations, as well as S / VX series total stations with Trimble controllers. You can import data from the 3600/5600 series total stations with the Geodimeter panel and Dini series digital levels into the program. It is possible to combine optical data with satellite measurement data in one project for subsequent joint adjustment. Trimble Business Center performs joint equalization of networks consisting of processed GNSS observation vectors, total station and leveling moves. The adjustment is carried out according to the least-squares method, which gives reliable results and ensures high quality of the final data. Trimble Business Center has a wide range of tools to help you choose the right way to display data for quick and convenient analysis.

All project data can be viewed in graphical form. The powerful TBC graphics core provides fast results. The Trimble Business Center implements the most powerful tools for solving classical design problems, as well as modeling tracks and surfaces. The calculation functions in the Trimble Business Center program provide flexibility in operation, allowing you to enter data in a variety of ways, using only one command instead of executing a sequence of commands. Trimble Business Center allows you to import surfaces into a project from other software products, as well as create them from project data.

The new version of TBC combines two packages (TBC Survey and TBC Heavy Civil Edition (BC-HCE)) into a single software for processing all types of geospatial data in surveying and construction. As a result of the merger, TBC software now has 7 major editions and 8 additional modules. Each subsequent revision includes the functionality of all previous ones; the first four editions (Field Data, Surface Modeling, Survey Intermediate and Survey Advanced) are mainly used for processing geodetic and cadastral measurements, and the other three (Site Modeling, Site Construction and Infrastructure Construction) are used to solve special engineering and geodetic problems in construction. The number of modules for TBC has also increased - mobile data processing modules have appeared, as well as Drilling / Piles / Compaction and Modeling of utility networks.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7 / 10
Memory:Minimum 2 GB RAM (x86) / Minimum 4 GB RAM (x64) / 8 GB RAM recommended
Hard Drive:Minimum 32 GB storage, at least 10 GB free
GPU:Minimum integrated DX 10 compatible / Discrete GPU (Nvidia, AMD), minimum 1 GB memory recommended