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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 v20.1.0.708 (12/3)

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[center]CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 v20.1.0.708


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 v20.1.0.708 | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 2.09 GB

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 is our latest and most innovative graphic design program yet! Skip sketching and scanning from paper, and go right to our amazing new LiveSketch tool to capture your ideas the instant that creativity strikes. Our suite comes with cutting-edge features to help you create beautiful designs, graphics, photos, and websites with both ease and confidence.

Whats New in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018:

Boost your creativity with the new Symmetry drawing mode, unique effects, new line options, and more.

Symmetry is a critical part of the graphics workflow because it creates balance, harmony, and order. Symmetry is everywhere in nature, so chances are a design element will rely on it. To that end, CorelDRAW 2018 introduces the Symmetry drawing mode, which boosts your productivity by automating what is usually a very time-consuming process. It lets you create a range of symmetrical designs, from simple objects to complex kaleidoscopic effects, in real time.

Block shadow
CorelDRAW is a longtime favorite with vinyl cutters, screen printers and sign makers, so their feedback has been critical to the development of every version of the program. Working with users in those industries, CorelDRAW 2018 introduces the Block Shadow tool, which lets you add solid vector shadows to objects and text. This intuitive feature accelerates reprographic workflows by greatly reducing the number of lines and nodes in shadows, slashing the time it takes to get a file ready for output and vastly improving the final result.

Corner control in dashed lines and outlines
Thanks to invaluable feedback from our loyal user base, CorelDRAW 2018 gives you more control over the appearance of corners in objects, text, and symbols that use dashed lines. In addition to the existing default setting that renders dashed lines exactly as drawn, you can choose from two new options to create perfectly designed and defined corners. The Align dashes option ensures that theres no empty space in the corners and at the start and end of a line or outline by aligning dashes with the end and corner points. And the Fixed dashes option creates dashes in the end and corner points that are half the size of the first dash in the line pattern.

Impact tool When you need to give a design a little more spark, the Impact tool is the answer. Inspired by comic books and graphic novels, its perfect for quickly and effortlessly adding movement or focus to an element in a drawing. In just a few clicks, you can get results that used to be time-consuming and labor-intensive. The Impact tool has two modes: Parallel for adding zoom lines that signify motion, and Radial for adding an explosive burst of energy. These effects are non-destructive, highly customizable vector objects that can be edited with other tools. There are a variety of line styles that you can fine-tune, or you can opt to randomize tool settings for a more natural look.

In just a few clicks, you can generate high-quality vector mosaics from any number of selected vector or bitmap objects using the Pointillizer effect. Inspired by the Pointillism painting technique where multiple dots combine to form an image, its great for creating vehicle wraps, window decor projects, and more. The ability to set the number, size, and shape of the tiles gives you limitless creative possibilities. There is a range of other options that you can experiment with to create striking designs. While other solutions can produce raster pointillistic images, only CorelDRAW lets you output the effect as a vector graphic.

Whether you are creating promotional materials, a family memento or a piece of art, the PhotoCocktail effect lets you create stunning photo collages more easily than you can imagine. You start with a photo or vector object as the foundation of your mosaic, then choose a library of bitmap images that serve as the mosaic tiles, and PhotoCocktail does the rest. You have total control over how everything blends together, how the collage is output, and the resolution of the end result.

Increase your productivity with the performance enhancements and high-caliber, yet intuitive, new features of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018.

Launch time
Launch time has been reduced thanks to performance enhancements, so you can get to work faster than ever.

Improved vector previews
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 boosts your productivity with faster rendering of tool previews; curve previews, nodes, and handles; effect controls and sliders; and text. You can also open large files quicker and enjoy smoother editing of complex curves. In addition, you can work more efficiently thanks to tool and object previews that are more visible and user-friendly.

Work faster with text and fonts
Faster rendering of text, especially artistic text, helps accelerate the design workflow. Whats more, the performance of the Font List in CorelDRAW 2018 has been enhanced so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Work faster with fonts stored on a network
Finding the right font for the job is easier than ever thanks to enhancements to Corel Font Manager that improve monitoring fonts stored on a network.

Toggle snapping
As much as snapping can enhance productivity by offering the ability to precisely position design elements, users told us that there are stages in their workflow when they'd like to momentarily disable it. To that end, CorelDRAW 2018 makes it easy to temporarily turn off snapping options with a click of the Snap Off button. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to toggle snapping on or off (Alt+Q) or to disable snapping as you're repositioning without having to release the cursor (Q). This lets you fluidly move objects in the drawing window free of any snapping constraints. Then, when you need the precision of snapping again, you can quickly restore it using the same controls.

Align and distribute nodes
Since it was introduced, the Align and Distribute docker has become an indispensable tool for graphics professionals because of the quick and easy access it offers to time-saving controls for positioning objects. In CorelDRAW 2018, those same precise alignment options can now be used for nodes. What used to be a slow, manual process can be achieved effortlessly in a few clicks. You can align nodes using the bounding box of a selection, the page edge or center, the closest grid line, or a specified point. Whats more, you can align nodes from different curves. Distributing nodes is just as easy. You can add equal spacing between them horizontally or vertically using the drawing page or a bounding box as the reference point.

Warning when can not embed fonts
Another time-saver is a new warning that appears when you save a file listing any fonts that can't be embedded. This simplifies collaborative workflows by identifying any fonts that a colleague will need to continue working on the document.

Filter fonts based on embedding rights
You can save time and ensure hassle-free file sharing thanks to the new Embedding Rights font filter. It allows you to sort fonts based on four common font-embedding permissions, so you know right from the outset which fonts to use or avoid when choosing text styles. The filter gives you a quick idea of what other users will be able to do with text and fonts in a design that you share with them. You'll be able to see which fonts can't be embedded or which ones recipients of the drawing can install on their computer, allow for text editing, or can be only viewed and printed.

Apply and manage fills and transparencies
How users interact with design assets has undergone a complete overhaul in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018. Totally redesigned Fill and Transparency pickers help boost your productivity and deliver improved performance when working with and managing fills and transparencies in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. A streamlined UI allows you to use, create, and find fills and transparencies faster than ever. You can download new content packs, add your own library, easily migrate an asset collection anywhere, and modify asset properties all within the suite. In addition, you can use aliases to view content stored in another folder on your computer, a USB flash drive, or a shared network folder.

Default folder locations
To simplify finding and sharing design assets, you can choose where to store content rather than use the default folders. In response to user requests, CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT now let you customize where fills, fonts, image lists, photo frames, templates and trays are stored, including any that you've created or acquired from online content providers.

File Save indicator
If you work on multiple documents simultaneously in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, its now easier to see which files contain unsaved changes. An asterisk appears next to the name of unsaved files on the ShiChuang menu, the title bar and the document tab, so you can identify the status of your work in a glance.

Bilinear zooming
Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2018 gives you another magnification option with the introduction of bilinear zooming. It adds pixels by averaging the color values of surrounding pixels when zooming out, which prevents jagged edges and improves the display quality of sharp images that have fine detail.

Customize curve preview and editing
Node customization in CorelDRAW 2018 has been enhanced so its easier to work with nodes in even the most complex designs. When nodes and handles become hard to see because the preview color is too similar to the background color, you can use a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+I) to replace the main color with the secondary color and vice versa. You can also choose to show unselected nodes without a fill, and then toggle the node fill on or off using a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+G).

Project Timer
CorelDRAW 2018 has a new tool designed to help graphics professionals keep organized, properly bill clients, and provide insight into how they work. The Project Timer is an accurate, non-intrusive way to track time spent on a project. Appearing as a discreet toolbar above the drawing window, the Project Timer is fully customizable to match your workflow. It offers a variety of ways to monitor and record tasks and project details. Tracking information is saved with the document and can be exported to file formats that can be opened in spreadsheet applications to create time sheet reports.

Fit objects to a path
In CorelDRAW 2018, fit any type and number of objects to a path of your choice. Smart spacing and rotation settings help you customize the arrangement of objects along the path.

Straighten photos interactively
When something in a photo, such as a building or a road, is just a little off-kilter, it detracts from an otherwise great shot. Now thanks to the new Straighten tool in Corel PHOTO-PAINT, you can easily salvage those photos. It lets you rotate crooked images by interactively aligning a straightening bar to an element in the photo or specifying an angle of rotation. All the controls are easily accessible on screen or on the property bar, so you'll be amazed how quickly you can get perfect results. You can choose to rotate the image horizontally, vertically, or just let Corel PHOTO-PAINT decide which straightening mode works best. The Straighten tool can also rotate lenses, masks, objects, and groups of objects. In addition, you can crop the photo as you align it, or choose not to crop it and fill the edges with the background color instead.

Adjust photo perspective interactively
Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2018 has a new interactive feature that gives you the power and versatility of an expensive tilt correction lens. With the Perspective Correction tool, its easy to adjust the perspective of landmarks or objects in photos to get the exact look that you wanted. Right in the image window, you simply move the four corner points to get the perspective that you have in mind. You can also display grid lines that make it easy to apply the rule of thirds as you adjust perspective.

Improved previews, cursors, and handles in Corel PHOTO-PAINT
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 simplifies painting, applying effects, and editing images with improved previews that are easier to see and manipulate. The vectors tools in Corel PHOTO-PAINT such as the Path tool and Line tool, have also been updated with a clearer appearance and more defines nodes and handles. Enhanced previews help you edit more efficiently by ensuring brush nibs and effect handles stand out against background colors in your design. And its easier than ever to work with the interactive fills, transparencies, drop shadows and more thanks to enhanced interactive sliders that are more visible.

Welcome Screen
The redesigned Welcome Screen can help kickstart your workflow when you launch CorelDRAW or Corel PHOTO-PAINT. It lets you quickly start a new document from scratch in both applications, from a template in CorelDRAW, or from the contents of the clipboard in Corel PHOTO-PAINT. You can also browse to open a file or use a revamped list of recent documents that displays thumbnails and file properties. All workspace options are at your fingertips, so you can get to work right away in the UI layout that best suits your needs. The enhanced Welcome Screen also provides one-click access to information about new features, online learning resources, a gallery of original artwork created with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, as well as design assets, fonts, apps, and plug-ins.

Add Perspective effect
CorelDRAW 2018 gives you the ability to use the Add Perspective effect on bitmaps with the same ease that you have always had when applying it to vector objects. Its never been easier to create the illusion of distance and depth by applying perspective to bitmaps, vector objects, or both simultaneously. You can work with speed and precision because you apply it interactively right in the drawing window. The Add Perspective effect is a great tool for graphics professionals who want to showcase their artwork in real world scenarios. It allows their clients to really see what a design will look like on a billboard, brochure, packaging, exhibition booth panel, and more. And if you want to experiment and play, no problem. The effect is applied non-destructively, so you can edit it or remove it and revert to the original image at any point.

Apply envelopes to bitmaps
This longtime favorite of graphics professionals lets you interactively shape an object by placing it in an envelope and dragging its nodes. And now CorelDRAW 2018 gives you the same power and creative freedom to modify bitmaps that you've always had when working with vector objects. You can quickly and seamlessly blend a bitmap into an illustration using envelope presets, or you can craft one from scratch and save it for reuse. The enhanced Envelope tool can be used on a group of objects, whether vector, bitmap or both all non- destructively. All the controls that you need are right on the canvas and property bar, so theres no time spent navigating a series of dialog boxes. Designers can quickly swap out the bitmaps used in an envelope with the Copy envelope properties option, so experimenting and getting the perfect look is effortless. Whats more, you can turn any vector object into an envelope with the Create envelope from option.

Enhanced LiveSketch tool
Users have come to love the LiveSketch tool for the freedom it offers them to design using hand-drawn vector curves right from the get- go. And in CorelDRAW 2018, this revolutionary tool has been enhanced. How CorelDRAW analyzes and adjusts your input strokes has been refined, delivering results that are more predictable than ever. You can harness this enhanced accuracy to speed up your workflow and focus on the creative process, making it even easier to get an idea onto the screen in front of you.

Flip the stylus pen to eraser
If you work with a pen or stylus, you can take advantage of a variety real-time input factors to erase with the ease and accuracy of a pencil eraser. Now you can use pressure to vary the size of the eraser nib, as well as link tilt and bearing to its flatness and rotation. Flipping the stylus or pen activates the Eraser tool, so you can erase on the fly without having to go to the toolbox. In addition, you can use the Eraser tool on most object types, and it's easier to erase through groups of objects.

HDR merge
You can now access the High Dynamic Range (HDR) Merge module in AfterShot 3 HDR directly from the Camera RAW Lab in Corel PHOTO- PAINT 2018 to combine two or more photos of the same scene that were taken with different exposure settings. This lets you access a broader tonal range to create a final image that can be breathtaking.

Publish to WordPress
In CorelDRAW 2018, you can send your work directly to a WordPress media library from within the application. This new functionality enables you to convert selected objects or an entire project to a JPEG, GIF, or PNG file and then upload the image to a WordPress account without ever leaving CorelDRAW. If you have multiple WordPress sites or accounts, you can easily specify where your content is uploaded. You can also publish images to WordPress from Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2018.

GPU accelerated vector previews
Repositioning and editing complex vector shapes can tax your systems resources, especially when previews are displayed. By default, the central processing unit (CPU) of your computer is used to generate vector previews, but you can now opt to use the graphics processing unit (GPU) instead. The GPU is a specialized processor that greatly accelerates the display, editing, and manipulation of graphics. Choosing to use the GPU delivers faster rendering of tool previews, curves, and other effects in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Since GPUs vary across machines, these enhancements may be more noticeable to some users than others.

Support for wheel devices
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 offers alternative ways of working thanks to enhanced support for wheel devices, such as the WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Surface Dial. Put your keyboard aside and take advantage of the contextual onscreen UI. Design more naturally using a combination of ergonomic tools such as wheel devices, touch, or a stylus. This workflow lets you easily switch between tools and tasks with the non- dominant hand as you sketch or design with the other.

Release Notes:
All New in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018
http://stg.product.corel.public.corel.n … W-2018.pdf

System Requirements:
The following list includes the minimum system requirements. Note that for optimum performance, you need more RAM and hard disk space than indicated in the list.

ShiChuang 7 SP1, ShiChuang 8.1 or ShiChuang 10, in 32-bit or 64-bit, with the latest updates and service pack
Intel Core i3/5/7 or AMD Athlon 64
1 GB hard disk space
Mouse, tablet, or multi-touch screen
Display resolution
1280 x 720 screen resolution at 100% (96 dpi)
1920 x 1080 at 150%
2560 x 1440 at 200%
WeiRuan-->WeiRuan .NET Framework 4.6
WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Internet Explorer 11 or later
Languages: DE, EN, FR, ES, IT, NL, PT.


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