Autodesk 3ds Max 2021 (x64)

Autodesk 3ds Max 2021 (x64) | 6.8 Gb

Autodesk has launched 3ds Max 2021, the latest update to the 3D modelling and animation software, including a number of significant new features for game development and VFX work.

What's New in 3ds Max 2021


Bake to Texture:
- New tool for baking maps and surfaces offers faster performance in a new streamlined workflow
- Extensive renderer support including Arnold
- Error validation and compatible map filtering
- Support for OSL texture maps and Blended Box map
- MikkT normal mapping support.
PBR Materials:
- New PBR materials make the interaction of light with surfaces physically accurate
- The two types of maps, PBR Material (Metal/Rough) and PBR Material (Spec/Gloss), ensure compatibility with any real-time engine workflow
- Drag and drop downloaded PBR maps straight from Windows Explorer into the Material/Maps Browser.
Weighted Normals Modifier:
- The Weighted Normals modifier improves the shading of models by altering the vertex normals to be perpendicular to larger flat polygons
- Generates explicit normals for meshes better and faster than ever
- Weight options include: Area, Angle, and Largest Face
- Full control over smoothing and blending values.
New OSL Shaders:
New shaders include:
- HDRI Environment controls the positioning and final look of the environment both in the viewport and the final render
- HDRI Lights lets you place HDR photos of real-world lightsources that dynamically update the scene
- Uber Noise adds complex types of noise such as Perlin, Fractal, Cell, fBm, and Worley
- Other new and updated shaders include Color Correction, Float and Color Curves, plus Camera, Object, and Spherical Projections.
Arnold renderer as default:
- 3ds Max 2021 includes Arnold 6.0 as the default renderer, instead of the Scanline Renderer. This gives you a modern, high-end rendering experience.
- Supports the new Bake to Texture workflows.
- New AOV workflows.
- Includes new Scene Converter scripts for converting V-Ray and Corona Materials to the Physical Material.
New Substance2 Map:
- Substance2 map is faster than the legacy Substance map.
- Utilizes updates to the latest Substance engine for native sbar loading. You no longer need to export maps from Substance Designer.
- Supports up to 8k textures.
- Supports the renderers included with 3ds Max: Arnold, ART, Scanline and Quicksilver.
- Scripted tools to quickly set up Substances with a particular type of material or to back maps to files.

The online and offline installation has been overhauled for a simpler and faster experience.

Scene Converter
The Scene Converter's new and improved workflow makes creating custom conversion rules easy. Presets are locked and cannot be saved over, and you are reminded of unsaved changes before closing the Scene Converter.

Improved Viewport Settings and Quality
Improvements include:

- Viewport Settings can now be saved as presets
- Ambient Occlusion (AO) is now always visible when working in the viewport
- Progressive Skylight toggles full shadow-casting skylights, providing accurate skylight shadows when enabled or reducing viewport flicker and visual problems in interior scenes when disabled.
- Progressive Fade-in Time sets the speed at which certain effects in the viewport such as Progressive Skylight, area light, and depth-of-field are progressively rendered
- Roughness support for the Physical Material
- Shadows for lights now on by default.

Python 3
Take advantage of the rich set of Python extension libraries and the ability of Python 3 to handle all your algorithms, as Python 3.7.6 is now the default. As it doesn't support MaxPlus python API, we recommend using the pymxs python API instead. pymxs now supports an improved way of passing arguments by reference to various APIs, a more flexible callback registration mechanism, and better interoperability with MAXScript.

Faster file saving
Saving scene files with a very large number of assets is now significantly faster. Autobackup (Autosave) and Hold are faster also. The more assets a file has, the greater the improvement.

ProSound improvements
Support added for 24-bit WAV files, 88.2kHz and 96kHz sample rates, as well as support for an unlimited numbers of audio clips (previous maximum of 100). An issue was also fixed that caused audio to plat at 50% volume after frame 100.

Chamfer modifier updates
- Recent Editable Poly options such as Uniform, Radial, and Patch mitering types can now be set directly from the Chamfer modifier.
- Support also extends to the Edge Depth, End Bias, and Radial Bias controls.

Sketchup import improvements
New Sketchup importation options include ignoring hidden elements and preserving layer information.

Over 80+ defects fixed
Over 80 defects that directly affect you were fixed in this release, as well as a large number of defects that affect internal processes.

FBX: Bones with animated scale on one axis were being scaled incorrectly. MAXX-55701
Saving Trackbar layout no longer breaks Close button. MAXX-53564
Fixed a crash when selecting multiple objects with TrackView open. MAXX-53248
Fixed addEaseCurve MAXScript crash. MAXX-52595
ProSound now supports 24-bit wav files. MAXX-52580
Fixed key tangents not being updated on GetKey only GetValue. MAXX-52364
CAT rigs with references to CatParentTrans and CatClipRoot no longer prevents animation layer creation. MAXX-51757
Improved selection performance issue with TrackView open. MAXX-50669
Fixed inverted Hands Anchors icons. MAXX-50575
Fixed issue importing FBX without UI not correctly applying scene scaling. MAXX-50484
Fixed Create Preview frame overlay on first run. MAXX-50287
Fixed ProSound issue causing audio to play at 50% volume after frame 100. MAXX-28464
Removed 100 audio clip limit with ProSound. MAXX-14058
Removed ProSound popup dialog when changing animation range. MAXX-10976
MAXX:Animation, MAXX:Modeling
Removed an unnecessary Spline IK error dialog with XRef'd rig. MAXX-36782
Added ability to modify scripted attribute definitions during scene file load. MAXX-55756
Fixed Matrix3 AffineTranspose handling of translation row. MAXX-55527
Fixed a crash in the Material Browser. MAXX-55482
Fixed a crash when loading scenes that have missing plugins that werr defined as scripted plugins when the scene was saved, after loading a scene where the same missing plugin was defined via dll when the scene was saved. MAXX-55298
Scripted parameter's plugin names can now be customized by specifying the optional localizedName:string property for the parameter in question. MAXX-55280
Fixed a crash when opening a scene when MaxInstallRoot\dlcomponents\DlComponentList_x64 file is 0Kb in size. MAXX-55028
Fixed a crash when a MAXScript function with a string by-reference parameter with default value was being called. One example of such as function is LoadSaveAnimation.loadAnimation, where its mapFileName parameter is defined as having a default value, and it's expected to be passed by reference. MAXX-54477
Disabling an Xref Scene will now prompt the user to save the current scene when closing 3ds Max, reseting the current scene or loading a new one. MAXX-46845
Fixed an issue that occurred when using the Station Placement tool. In some cases the process would be blocked and the viewport would become unresponsive. MAXX-54758
Fixed a crash when importing old JT Files with dummy nodes or a mixture of mesh and body object nodes. MAXX-54515
Fixed an inconsistency between original JT file hierarchy and hierarchy created in Max after importing JT file. MAXX-54411
Fixed an issue where some parts of a SolidWorks import were not being imported when the mesh option was unchecked in the import dialog. MAXX-54261
Fixed a case where 3ds Max crashed upon OBJ export. MAXX-53379
Fixed a crash when iterating over nodes in MAXScript, and deleting some of those nodes. MAXX-55488
Fixed an issue with MAXScript where the "on resized" event was no longer working on rollouts in a rollout floater window. MAXX-55171
Fixed MAXScript rollout visibility issues by adding the visibility property to rollout. This is similar to rolloutFloater.visible. MAXX-55048
Fixed a crash when specifying 'undefined' as an argument to colorman interface methods that take a string as an argument. MAXX-54571
Fixed expression window in script and expression controller dialogs so that text size scales with dpi scaling. Also fixed access violation in script controller if evaluation error occurs on first evaluation of expression. MAXX-54300
Fixed parsing of Double literal values. MAXX-54001
Calling the quitMax MAXScript command will stop executing remaining scripted commands that could have unexpected side-effects. Callback scripts will continue to execute as expected. MAXX-53366
When executing the exportFile MAXScript command with the PhysX_and_APEX_Exporter plugin, it is now possible to suppress the prompts of said plugin using the #noprompt option. MAXX-51627
Fixed issue with caching of MAXScript .Net values for .Net objects that point to the same underlying object but with different types. MAXX-54043
Material Editor preferences and Assign Renderer are correctly saved if UAC is at Windows default level. MAXX-52412
The triangulation of the chamfer output has been updated to produce better non-concave results when applied to faces with concave/collinear vertices. MAXX-55418
If you set your own default preset and name it "Default", you could end up with two presets named "Default" that you could not remove with the Chamfer modifier. Now you can set your own new "Default" preset, which will remain in effect until you remove it (at which point the original default will be restored and used). MAXX-55191
Algorithm will now process corners with enhanced triangulation for faces with concave or co-linear corners, so that we do not collapse triangles when performing mesh triangulation. This will improve the quality output of the chamfer operation so that it does not display the faces incorrectly. MAXX-55186
When the Tension Deform UI is displayed in the DMC, the "Use Morph Target" checkbox will now properly update the pick button target for morphing to be enabled or disabled. MAXX-55164
When using TextPlus and the Bevel Profile modifier, the presets for "Half Circle" and "Engrave" bevel contained duplicate vertices in their curve definitions that resulted in degenerate faces. New scenes created with this option will no longer have this problem. MAXX-54992
In the past vertex painting could provide a result that looked like mosaic tiles, this was caused by an incorrect parallelization of the function with multi-threading. Vertex painting should now apply its results as expected when applied to your 3d model. MAXX-54986
"Don't Affect Children" option in the Hierarchy tab can now be toggled on/off again without needing to use the workaround of switching to another tab in the Command Panel and then back to Hierarchy. MAXX-54839
We have improved the distribution of Vertex Paint, improved the efficiency of the calculation, and apply blending between approaches when a brush overlaps only some of the vertices of a particular face. This should now allow vertex painting to be applied more consistently to an object. MAXX-54748
Resolved an issue with Swift Loop where in some cases it was possible for the tool to have improper hit detection on which edge it should function on when using a Perspective view. MAXX-54359
Fixed chamfer mitering types caddie not cycling when clicking. MAXX-54092
Added additional code to better support the chamfering of corner point position with straight through chamfers and provide expected results. MAXX-53982
3ds Max should now retain crease weight values when performing a chamfer on any edge on the model. In the past there was a chance that these values would be reset to 0. MAXX-53814
Chamfer issue causing unwanted seams when using inset flow loops was fixed. MAXX-53357
Fixed snapping to open edge vertices when backface cull is enabled. MAXX-53328
Fixed a vertex chamfer crash with box object. MAXX-53291
Fixed a crash when merging across hidden edges that created more than a single bounding loop, or if a vertex appeared more than once on the polygon boundary, when you are performing a UV face map command on any mesh object or primative. MAXX-53158
Fixed performance issue with Snap in scenes with Body Objects. MAXX-53121
When using a chamfer operation in 3DS Max the existing UV data should now be better respected, utilized, and maintained when performing this action for the new mitering types that have been introduced to 3ds Max. MAXX-53066
Zoom Extents for UnwrapUVW respects geometry when nothing selected. MAXX-50438
Quadify no longer leaves invisible invalid edges. MAXX-48662
Fixed TextPlus performance with lots of text. MAXX-39705
EditablePoly and EditPoly modifier now preserves explicit normals when attaching, detaching, and cloning. MAXX-27111
EditPoly now preserves explicit normals. MAXX-21797
Fixed an issue with invalid UVs that were provided on the default box and pyramid shapes that we provide with 3ds Max. UVs for faces on opposite sides of these objects were joined together, which they should not be since two non-shared edges should not be glued together. All faces for these primitives now have their own texture vertices. MAXX-53204
Fixed performance issue when selecting Compound Object creation category. MAXX-53884
Improve viewport perfomance by 5% in scenes with many procedural instances. MAXX-53821
Multithreaded intersectray when casting on Mesh and Edit Poly. The first raycast is not accelerated, it creates an acceleration structure. In following raycasts, we measured up to a 3x performance gain. Results will vary according to your CPU thread count and the complexity of your mesh. The heavier the mesh, the greater the speedup. Also fixed long-lasting Edit Poly intersectray bug which would report false hits behind the raycast. MAXX-49617
When executing Python code from a named (saved) file in the Script Editor, the file variable can now be used to refer to this file. MAXX-55232
Pressing F1 for Help in the Script Listener Window now opens the Python Help if the Listener was in Python mode. MAXX-54948
Fixed issues when calling functions, accessing variables and properties of Python objects imported into MAXScript through a python.import MAXScript command. This was related to the fact that MAXScript is case insensitive, while Python is case sensitive. MAXX-53376
Per Pixel Camera map will now display correct aspect ratios based on custom, image ratio, or legacy. MAXX-53636
Paths in OSL shaders can now be edited in Asset Tracker. MAXX-53509
OSL vector2 types will now display in viewport as expected. MAXX-53337
Fixed typo for Incandescent in Exposure Settings panel. MAXX-50904
Mental Ray utility removed from utility panel. MAXX-50903
All links within 3ds Max now open their HTTPS counterparts. MAXX-54178
Main menu bar contents no longer appear white and inconsistent with dark UI styling. MAXX-55458
Default keyboard shortcuts for Quad menus now work in localized versions. MAXX-55192
Fixed issues where SteeringWheels and ViewCube action hotkeys could conflict with Main UI ones. MAXX-51302
Fixed issue where opening the UV Editor would result in the Unwrap UVW modifier icon from the command panel to change position and overlap with other UI elements or icons, mostly happening at some custom monitor scaling values, such as 190%. MAXX-50877
A key can be used to activate a Quad and its content action by double-clicking (activating the quad hotkey first, then content action Alt Navigation key). MAXX-49305
Bitmap sampling for the Edit UV window has been made to run in parallel to help improve bitmap file loading times. MAXX-54954
Resolved an issue with LSCM UV mapping where the mapping action would not resolve and would crash 3ds max. MAXX-54386
Diffuse lighting will now update in viewport when changing HDR map in an OSL Bitmap map. MAXX-54418
Objects in viewport are lit correctly when using a map in environment slot together with Skylight as Ambient. MAXX-54417
DirectX .fx files with spinners containing an int param are using the correct range. MAXX-49906
Known issues and workarounds
Issue: License information did not propogate through install during single product deployment. Workaround: Have the administrator ensure the share drive containing the deployment image (and the MSI installer) is writable. MAXX-56110
Issue: Modify workflow can't find installer when launched through ARP or IPM, resulting in "Some files are missing" error message. Workaround: Navigate to the product's DLM image download location and launch setup.exe to start the modify workflow directly. MAXX-56279
Issue: The new ATF-based Sketchup importer doesn't always assign edge visibility correctly. This may cause conversions of imported meshes to Editable Poly to produce bad geometry if edges between non-coplanar triangles are hidden. The Revit importer also sometimes hides edges on curved surfaces, which can lead to problems when converting the meshes to Editable Polys. Workaround: Enable edge visibility for all edges of a mesh prior to converting to poly. MAXX-56132
Issue: WRL and ASE exporters have improved support for changes to Windows' decimal separator symbol. MAXX-51077
Issue: The new ATF-based Sketchup importer doesn't always assign edge visibility correctly. This may cause conversions of imported meshes to Editable Poly to produce bad geometry if edges between non-coplanar triangles are hidden. The Revit importer also sometimes hides edges on curved surfaces, which can lead to problems when converting the meshes to Editable Polys. Workaround: Enable edge visibility for all edges of a mesh prior to converting to poly. MAXX-56132
Issue: NumPy tests will fail when executed within the 3ds Max process, but can be run directly from 3ds Max's distribution of Python as a workaround (found at maxroot/Python37/python.exe). MAXX-53548
Issue: Dichotomies should be accounted for when accessing MAXScript properties that reference index values (Example: pymxs.runtime.activeMeditSlot), as Python uses a zero-based index system, whereas MAXScript uses a one-based index system. MAXX-52780
Issue: File Merging does not include Bake to Texture maps. MAXX-56173
Issue: Enabling the MacroRecorder may have a significant performance impact on the Bake to Texture tool performance. MAXX-56170
Issue: Sub-objects are not supported in Bake to Texture Projected-From workflow. MAXX-56167
Issue: Output-To settings are not exposed to Maxscript. MAXX-56157
Issue: Multiple line editing of the Output-To column for Objects is not functional. MAXX-56156
Issue: Multiple line editing of the Output-To column for Maps is not functional. MAXX-56155
Issue: When using Map Override with Scanline, the map will not be shown in the Bake to Texture window if the scene is closed and re-opened. Workaround: Use Map Override with Arnold, or perform bake operations prior to saving and re-opening. MAXX-56118
Issue: When dealing with large numbers of objects with bake to texture maps, performance may be degraded. MAXX-55972
Issue: 3ds Max may experience stability issues when baking advanced lights. MAXX-44842
Issue: FBX Material Attribute Animation is not imported into 3ds Max. Workaround: To import animated materials via FBX, open the 3dsMax.ini file in a text editor. (%LocalAppData%\Autodesk\3dsMax\2021 - 64bit\ENU\3dsMax.ini). Set the key "StandardMtlFBXImport" to 1. This will import your FBX file with a Legacy Standard material and ensure that your animated materials come into 3ds Max as before. MAXX-55307
Issue: Animation playback performance may be reduced when MikkT normal bump mode is enabled. Workaround: Enable 3ds Max native normal bump mode. MAXX-56175

3ds Max 2021 introduces a number of features that should be significant for game and visual effects artists, including support for metalness/roughness and specular/glossiness PBR workflows.

The update adds support for PBR materials, plus a new PBR-compatible Bake to Texture tool; adds new OSL shaders and support for Substance .sbsar files; and makes Arnold the software's default renderer.

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Product: Autodesk 3ds Max
Version: 2021 (23.0- .iso
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 6.8 Gb

Autodesk 3ds Max 2021 software is supported on the following 64-bit operating systems and at a minimum, requires a system with the following 64-bit hardware:

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Professional operating system
Browser Autodesk recommends the latest version of the following web browsers for access to online supplemental content:
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
CPU 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set
Graphics Hardware Refer to 3ds Max Certified Hardware for a detailed list of recommended systems and graphics cards
RAM 4 GB of RAM minimum (8 GB or more recommended)
Disk Space 9 GB of free disk space for install
Pointing Device Three-button mouse