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Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Simpack 2018 (x86/x64) | 2.1 Gb

Dassault Systemes SIMULIA pleased to announce the release of Simpack 2018, the leading multibody simulation (MBS) software for mechanical and mechatronic designs.

Simpack 2018 "What's new":

General Functionality
- Improved Handling of Solver Settings Dialog
- Data probe for 3D element specific plots
- FMI 2.0 support for FMU Export for Co-Simulation
- Direct editing in Comparison dialog
- Computed Values in Data Explorer
- pdf File generation from GUI and Scripting
Simpack Post
- Improved Copy/Paste for Filters and Curve Values
- Data probe for 3D Diagrams
- Torque Display via toroids
- Improved contouring for 3D Diagrams and Animations
Simpack Solver
- Potential and dissipation energy in eigenvalue analysis
Flexible Bodies
- Accoustic Pressure Result Element
- Flexible Body node position and type access
General Modelling Elements
- Force Element 225 'Gear Pair' optional Weber/Banaschek stiffness function
- New semi-hertzian contact method for cam-roller applications
Elasto-Hydrodynamic Bearings
- New element type Hydodynamic Bearings
- Support of planar bearings (e.g. axial thrust bearings)
Simpack Automotive
- Update to TMEasy 5.1 and enhanced road surface transition functionality during runtime
- Full support of Virtual Suspension functionality

Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Simpack 2018

Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Simpack 2018

About Simpack. SIMPACK is a multi-body simulation software tool used to simulate mechanical systems. The SIMPACK software is able to analyse vibrational behaviour, calculate forces and accelerations and describe and predict the motion of any complex multi-body system.

The basic concept of SIMPACK is to create the equations of motion for mechanical and mechatronic systems simply by building up a CAD style model (including joints, force elements, etc.) and then applying various calculation techniques, such as a time integration, to obtain a solution for the systems dynamic behaviour.

SIMPACK has been specifically developed to be able to simulate virtually any mechanical and mechatronic systems. From simple systems with few degrees of freedom to entire train configurations, SIMPACK may be employed at any stage of the design, development and optimisation process.

SIMPACK's fully integrated functionality for the creation and export of models in FORTRAN or C code enables a high connectivity to other simulation tools. Additionally, together with the respective specialised modelling components, the exported code allows SIMPACK models to run on many HIL platforms.

About Dassault Systemes SIMULIA. Dassault Syst?mes Simulia Corp. develops and markets 3D and product lifecycle management solutions. It offers unified finite element analysis solutions; multiphysics solutions, such as multiphysics coupling, and simulation automation and optimization; simulation lifecycle management solutions; and product quality and technical support services. The company also provides software services, such as business value assessment, simulation QuickStart program, customized training, analysis support, methods development, implementation mentoring program, customization, Abaqus software extension, analysis process automation, on-site software support, SLM implementation, and training. In addition, it offers CATIA for designing the virtual product; SolidWorks for 3D mechanical design; DELMIA for virtual production; SIMULIA for virtual testing; ENOVIA for collaborative lifecycle management; and 3DVIA for online 3D lifelike experiences.

Dassault Syst?mes Simulia Corp. was formerly known as ABAQUS, Inc and changed its name in June 2007.The company ABAQUS, Inc. was aquired by Dassault Systemes SA due to which it changed its name to Dassault Syst?mes Simulia Corp. The company was founded in 1978 and is based in Providence, Rhode Island with locations in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific.

Product: Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Simpack
Version: 2018 Build 51
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page : wwwsimpack.com
Language: english
System Requirements: PC / Linux
Supported Operating Systems: ShiChuang 7even / 8.x / 10 / 2008 Server (R2) / 2012 Server (R2) | Linux RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.0 - 6.7 (The OLicense Server is not available on 6.1) / SUSE Enterprise Linux 11.1
Size: 2.1 Gb

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