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Vue R2 Build 2003711 + PlantFactory & Extra (x64) 2019 | x64 | Languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 6.39 GB

A New Beginning - New Business Model and Product Portfolio. Together with its recently unveiled corporate re-branding, e-on software has undertaken a radical twist in the way it operates its business. Based on feedback and requests from its community, e-on has revised its entire pricing structure and replaced its former dated upgrade and support programs in favor of a more coherent, modern, understandable and - more importantly budget friendly price grid.

The company is now offering its applications through three solutions, each dedicated to a specific artist profile. All three solutions bundle a version of VUE and PlantFactory, together with additional benefits depending on the chosen solution:

They'll rock your world!
VUE features an interface design that's optimized for ease-of-use and productivity and is packed full of amazing rendering features including volumetric effects, glowing materials, lens flares, stars and planets, rocks, and more!
VUE is so productive and easy to use that you'll be designing and animating 3D scenery within seconds.

-VUE integrates flexible and powerful terrain modeling technologies. From creating full planets to infinitely detailed terrainscapes, VUE's got you covered!
-Create hydrological and thermal simulations, manually sculpt them in real time, and even animate the parameters. Procedural terrains provide an unlimited level of detail; move your camera closer, and more detail is seamlessly added.
-Like procedural terrains, Heightfield Terrains are based on a function graph, but baked on a fixed-resolution grid. Allowing more flexibility and realism to your terrains. Heightfield Terrains are also significantly faster to render!

-VUE offers 2 render engines: a fully customizable CPU Ray-tracer, and a hybrid GPU/CPU Path tracer. Both render engines incorporate all of todays high-end features yet stands out in their ability to handle huge polygon counts quickly and efficiently.
-Render your scenes in stereo, 360 VR Panoramas, VR180, to play them on any Stereo-compliant platform (such as Youtube for instance) or devices such as Occulus Rift, HTC Vive, Nvidia 3DVision, Sony PSVR, Google DayDream, Google Carboard etc.
-For more artistic freedom, VUE also includes a fully featured Non-Photorealistic Rendering shader that analyzes your renders to create stylized artwork.

-Because we understand that our tools will find their place with bigger arsenal in your pipeline, we made sure that what you do in VUE does not merely stay in VUE, and what you do outside of VUE can be imported seamlessly.
-VUE can be installed both as a standalone package, and as a plugin for 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D or LightWave. With the included conversion tool, VUE scenes can be rendered with any renderer such as RenderMan, Arnold, Octane, VRay Next, Corona, etc.
-VUE features an extensible architecture that can be programmed using the Python cross-platform standard for application scripting.
-Easily exchange geometry with ZBrush using GoZ (terrains as quads, other meshes as triangles).
-Camera motion can be imported and exported as .FBX as well as Nuke .CHAN files. - And thats just scratching the surface of how well VUE can fit into your workflow!

-VUE lets you export every single asset of your scenes: Plants, Rocks, Terrains, Ecosystem populations, procedural materials, Camera paths, lights, Cloud Layers, Standalone Clouds and even full scenes, in a wide variety of file formats, such as FBX, Alembic, OpenVDB, 3ds, Collada, Ptex and more. You can control every single Level of Detail, per instance, or globally. On top of this, skies can be exported as HDR skydomes or skycubes.

-VUE provides extensive multi-pass rendering options. Virtually every rendering element, every layer, every material and every single object can be assigned a separate pass. VUE generates all multi-pass renders in High Dynamic Range, including all objects, cloud and layer masks, rendering components, ambient occlusion, shadows, reflections, atmospheric contributions, etc. Multi-pass renders can be exported as EXR 32 bit files with each pass stored in high dynamic range format.

-The creation of natural 3D environments requires highly complex shaders that respond to altitude or slope, seamlessly cover any terrain, and exhibit enough detail whether seen from distance or from close-up.
-VUE features a shader system that is fully optimized for the challenges of Digital Nature. By using three types of material editors, you can effectively create anything from simple bitmapped textures to elaborate multi-layered procedural materials that dynamically respond to the environment.
-VUE is fully compliant with the PBR Metalness workflow and includes a Specular to Metalness converter.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 64 bit (Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10)
CPU:Multi-core CPU (Intel QuadCore, Core I7), AVX compliant
Memory:8GB+ of RAM,
Space:4GB+ of free Hard Disk space (on the drive hosting the OS),
We recommend a graphics card containing at least 4 GB of VRAM with a 3D Mark score of 10,000 or better

Compatible hosts:
-Autodesk Maya 2015-2019
-Autodesk 3ds Max 2015-2020
-Maxon Cinema 4D R15-R20
-Newtek LightWave 11.6-2019

Whats New:

VUE and PlantFactory build 2003711:

-[NEW] OpenVDB clouds now supports import options.
-[NEW] Added mapping option for OpenVDB cloud
-[NEW] Added cloud modulation for MetaClouds and VDB volumes
-[NEW] Users can choose VDB grids to export
-[NEW] Optimization of VDB saves
-[NEW] Multi-thread cloud export
-Fixed cloud export importing with wrong orientation in c4d
-Fixed crash trying to import VDB with no scalar grid
-Fixed sea level preventing export of clouds
-Corrected filter type for cloud density (and other data)
-Fixed clouds not exported in VDB when too many steps (overflow)
-Fixed atmosphere export coherency artifacts

Integration and Export:
-[NEW] [Plugins] Added compatibility with 3ds Max 2020.
-[NEW] [Plugins] Added compatibility with Maya 2019 (no compatibility with V-Ray Next and no Mental Ray).
-[NEW] [Plugins] Added compatibility with LightWave 2019.
-[NEW] [Plugins] Improved render speed in all host applications whenever there are spectral clouds, texture anti-aliasing or Boolean operations.
-[NEW] When exporting heightmap, set 16bits as default precision for every image format (including PNG).
-[NEW] Allow changing some post-processing options in the plug-ins (including artistic gamma tweak).
-[NEW] [import/Terrain] automatically center non-geolocated altitude rasters instead of popping up mostly useless centering dialog
-[Plugins] Fixed potentially wrong rotations in Maya on Mac OS (either in gui or in Mental Ray/V-Ray).
-Fixed a memory problem when closing C4D on Mac (detected in debug mode, not sure if it caused a crash however)
-[Export] Fixed C4D export preset (alpha treatment and texture maps not in sub-folder).
-[Convert Tool] Fixed conversion of some plants in C4D (missing alpha in leaves).
-Fixed problems in the Plugins render options: when selecting the "User" quality preset, the previous one remained checked, and the "Custom" settings in the Advanced Effects sub-dialog could be disabled.
-Fixed export as obj for some corner cases
-Fixed export as fbx for some corner cases
-Set default file format to PNG for Terrain Heightmap export in Unreal Export Preset.
-[ZBrush Link] Fixed a bug where each click in GoZ button inside ZBrush would open a new VUE instance when the origin object does not originally come from VUE.
-[Import/Terrain] Fixed terrains exported from VUE's terrain editor being reimported with holes where altitude is in the upper half
-[Import/Terrain] Fixed vertical scale of 35km when importing terrains exported from VUE (initial scale is still lost but at least now a more reasonable value is used)
-[Plugins] Fixed the display of substance materials
-[Plugins] improved the display of mixed and 2 sided materials when they use texture maps. Now the map of the first sub material will be shown (like in the OpenGL display of VUE).

Path Tracer:
-[NEW] Added support of Displacement mapping
-[NEW] Added support for camera backdrop.
-[NEW] Added support for texture map repeat modes (repeat, mirror, or once).
-[NEW] Added generalized support for backlight and highlights.
-[NEW] Added support for highlight color output.
-[NEW] Added support for 2 sided materials
-[NEW] Added support for texture mapped luminous output on path tracer side.
-Fixed bad vegetation object conversion to the path tracer in mixed quad/triangle polygon mode.
-Fixed potentially missing physical caustics from the sun in photometric mode.
-Prevent render buffer transfer and render display OpenGL texture update when no new samples are accumulated into the buffer.
-Grey out "OpenGL atmosphere preview" option in Options when PT running (and show tooltip to explain why)
-Fix possible instabilities when closing the scene or quitting VUE
-Resume path tracer when changing auto-pause options (eg when adding some more time, or disabling the auto-pause)
-CPU usage now (almost) zero when path tracer is paused or disabled
-Fixed intensity of reflective caustics generated by refractive objects in the path tracer.
-Fixed never-ending interactive path tracer refreshes when duplicating area lights.
-Fixed mesh and plants billboards rendering in the path tracer.
-Fixed a rare case of directional lights wrongfully considered as the sun the path tracer.

-[NEW] Loaded Substance cache mechanism
-[NEW] Hide channel Substance parameters when detected
-[NEW] Speed up Substance previews
-[NEW] Handle 4-dimension Substance parameters
-[NEW] Display Substance parameter groups
-[NEW] Display component labels for 2-int and 2-float parameters when any (X/Y remain by default)
-Fixed picker values for color parameters

-Fixed crash in Terrain editor after Export Dialog has been closed
-[Viewport] Fix crash when VUE starts up with a maximized viewport and you demaximize it
-Fixed potential crash in plant editor
-Fixed some random application crash
-Fixed crash (stack overflow) when rendering reflective materials in C4D.
-[Collada/DAE] Fixed crash on some files (following customer report with file exported from SketchUp)
-Fixed crash when enabling NPR from camera options
-[Legacy Standard Terrains] Fixed memory leak when converted to Heightfield at load time
-[EcoSystem/DynamicPopulation] Fixed a potential crash when the camera is inside a dynamic EcoSystem using a very low density.
-[VUE/TurboSmooth] Fixed potential crashes with multi-material meshes.
-Fixed a crash in the Text Editor when selecting a sub-letter in the world browser.
-Fixed partial freeze on text editor
-Fixed potential crash when saving collection xml
-[UX] Fixed navigation blocked when intersection returns an invalid position
-[Cameras] Fixed crash when leaving VUE and using "specific camera" viewports + clean/optimize closing time wrap-ups a bit (eg. useless viewport resizing)
-Fixed the freeze of the OpenGL display when a material uses an image sequence
-[Scene Preview] Fixed potential random crashes with displaced objects holding EcoSystem instances.
-[Save Object] Fixed potential conflicts with the auto-save thread, possibly leading to random crashes.
-Fixed crash when sorting materials by name in the world browser.
-Fixed potential crash when deleting key frames
-Avoid crashing on exit when dealing with application error

-[NEW] Improved default OpenGL polygons limit (new default = 5Mpolys per GB of total VRAM). Note that values of 1Mpoly will be assumed to be the old default unchanged, not a value set or left on purpose, so the polygons limit may change "behind your back" but normally for the better.
-[NEW] [mesh_IO/animation] Speed up the reading & writing of deformable meshes (eg. imported Alembic meshes).
-[NEW] Fixed severe slow-down when background draw thread is disabled
-[NEW] Prevent waiting on draw thread inside UpdateWindow (allowing draw thread again on Mac!) and improve responsiveness noticeably for large scenes
-[NEW] [MacOS] Improved various process speed using multi-thread computation: skybox computation for OpenGL preview, Function adding for Terrain Editor, various computation: marching cubes, symmetrical objects, terrain slope computing, compute bounding box for Terrains...
-[NEW] Improved render scene preview responsive when there are a lot of materials in the scene
-[NEW] [GlobalNodes] optimization of about 5% on Blur & Slope/Convexity nodes
-[OpenGL] Fix severe slow-down when background draw thread is disabled
-Avoided various useless updates of previews (material and/or scene) when using material editors (simple, volumetric, etc.) and doing trivial actions like changing the tab, clicking in edit fields, activating another dialog, etc...
-Avoided a useless update of the scene preview just after opening object editors
-Avoided another useless restart of the scene preview (with a finished render) shortly after opening the Camera Options.
-Disabled useless updates of the scene when the material editor loses the focus (wihch may avoid slowness problems in some cases)
-Fixed slowness (potentially big) when opening the system browser when the current folder contains many or large images.
-Fixed slowness (regression) in the atmosphere editor when switching the light tab (when there are many objects in the scene)
-Prevent (non-reproducible) crashes related to camera index in caption dialogs

-[NEW] Updated filter dialog
-[NEW] Made the scrolling smoother in the parameters area for published parameters when the graph is heavy.
-[NEW] Hide MetaClouds spheres in the WorldBrowser
-[NEW] Dynamically apply torus & metablobs options in scene preview
-[NEW] Added the ability to load objects from the scene in ecosystem materials (new button)
-[NEW] EcoPainter now also has the ability to load native objects
-[NEW] Zoom where the mouse is in graph view, handle slowdown key, allows smaller zoom.
-[NEW] Grouped materials in a sub-menu (in mat preview > down arrow > popup)
-[NEW] Added the ability to copy/paste images in the material and function editors (from the popup menu)
-[NEW] [Material Editor] Added automatic opening of image browser when switching to Mapped Picture mode
-[NEW] [Material Editor] moved material's render options in separate dialog
-[NEW] Added the ability to delete material layer from the popup menu (in the world browser and material editor)
-[NEW] [Material Editor] top part can now be resized (to enlarge the list of layers)
-[NEW] [UI/Mac] Multi-monitor setups: lift limitation to horizontal-only arrangements
-[NEW] [Browsers] New shortcut Alt+click on "Load..." buttons allow to bypass VUE's Content browser and jump directly to the OS native browser just once.
-[Render Stack/Mac] Fixed "Fullscreen" feature for main monitor (Note: still KO on non-main monitors, both on Win & Mac)
-Fixed the inability to reload quality settings for render stacked in a previous VUE session and using a non-user preset (=preview/final/etc...)
-Fixed MetaCloud renaming when selected in the world browser
-Fixed useless scrollbar in export options
-[Heightmap/import] Fixed regression (from R1P1) when importing non-geolocated terrain but "center terrain" is disabled in the import options dialog
-Fixed "Edit graph" button in German (truncated) and in French (too tight).
-Fixed several correspondence problems between the OpenGL skybox and the actual render.
-Improve published parameters color on light grey default
-[AVX] Fixed resume render when using global illumination.
-[Boolean operations] Fixed boolean mesh operations (aka CSG) often yielding buggy results (regression from Vue 11)
-[Render/Abort] Fixed abort render broken on Windows when uptime is close to 25 days
-Fixed the selection of bevel and extrusion profiles in the text editor
-Fixed a bug with the ecosystem painter: hidden objects don't block the effect of ecosystem brushes anymore (like the eraser and others)
-Fixed a bug with published parameters in the volumetric material editor: their tab is now correctly shown/updated when adding them from the function editor.
-Fixed wrong icon for CSG union
-Fixed flickering on caption dialog icons
-Do not save main window position on plugins
-Fixed old bug when opening the camera options: the post process settings were disabled in the VUE scene preview.
-Fixed Material Editor maximize
-Fixed a bug with "Select Render Area": when used after a full render in the main view, it made the render disappear.
-Fixed old bug when opening the camera options: the post process settings were disabled in the VUE scene preview.
-Fixed wrong Render area when scene loaded from startup dialog
-[Material Editor] Fixed disappearing new load save button
-Fixed Export dialog size
-[Terrain Editor] altitude clipping slider always reacts interactively
-[Gizmo/HiDPI/Mac] Fixed gizmo axes position in hidpi on mac
-[Scene loading] don't ask user which viewport config to load when loading template scene or creating new scene using default scene
-[EcoSystem/FastPop] Fixed a bug blocking the interactive population (in Material Editor) as soon as a layer uses particles below the edited one.
-[VUE/export/clouds] avoid altering global export options when exporting only clouds.
-Fixed selection problems in the world browser when opening/closing the Text Editor
-Fixed potential loss of texture filtering setting when using the render options
-Removed compression frame and slider for PNG options.
-Improved focal display to avoid strange clamping situation
-[Function Editor] Fixed preview of nodes in parametric mode
-[UI] Fixed active view status not passed to another view when closing active view
-[UI][CameraControls/view-through] Fixed view-through spotlight not operated in some cases + navigation speed & orbit point not correct in this mode
-[UI] Minor File menu entries reordering
-[PathTracer] Disabled path-tracer when closing the viewport it's running in (otherwise it keeps running in the background + atmosphere preview is not restored) + grey out some options in viewport menu which are not currently supported with PT.
-[MetaCloud] Fixed menu to add primitives to MetaCloud when it is selected or when several spheres are selected
-[Material Editor] Fixed top part moving when changing material sublayer
-Fixed the reading of old Standard Terrain with references which end-up completely flat.
-Added image name when finding missing texture
-Disabled transparency on splash screen on mac plugins (was not working)
-Fixed dem import dialog
-Hide last render when maximizing windows
-[UI] Account for "interactive slider changes" user setting in "dual" & "ring" sliders behavior
-Fixed editing of content in scenes made when shipped content was in install dir (eg. plants in "Room Radiosity" example scene)
-Fixed the display of small pictures in the image browser (There was a mosaic effect / black grid)
-Fixed the display of CSG objects inside groups (they remained in wireframe mode after editing them)
-Fixed the display of eco instances as boxes with the "Fixed pipeline" OpenGL engine
-Fixed the inability to reduce the display quality of specimens with the "Fixed pipeline" OpenGL engine.
-Added a scroll bar for the list of lights for relighting settings.
-Prevented the user to accidentally overwrite the default eco brush tools with the save button
-Removed obsolete option "Optimize volumetric lights"
-Fixed reaction when editing "Force extension" numerical edit control.
-Some fixes about maximized dialog reopening on wrong screen.

Gamma Handling:
-[NEW] Improved gamma management by creating new Natural Film Response filters (and improved auto-exposure)
-[NEW] Ask how to update gamma for old scenes: Convert using new settings or Apply a gamma tweak.
-[NEW] Automatic conversion of old scene proposed during loading
-Fixed the display of colors in OpenGL views (with the shader 4 mode) for materials only showing a constant color (without texture). The gamma was applied twice which produced colors that were too bright and washed-out/desaturated.
-Correct gamma of render as OpenGL
-Export C4D color constants using the gamma output value
-Fixed default Albedo scale for all default Photometric Atmospheres
-Fixed current camera exposure filter override when saving atmosphere
-Fixed exposure not restored on atmosphere cancel

-Properly take IES profiles during photon mapping. Also take light transform into account once IES direction has been sampled.
-Fixed point & spot lights radiosity power in photometric mode.
-Fixed radiosity intensity in photometric mode and apply the same irradiance logarithmic filtering as in standard mode.
-Fixed missing reflective caustics generated by refractive objects.
-Fixed missing caustics when global caustics photon count becomes very large.
-Fixed Multipass output of signed data to unsigned formats
-Fixed too bright Depth Multipass.
-Fixed black parts on some Multipass channels and Relighting buffers in case of Stereo Rendering (for sky or very distant objects).

Material Editon:
-Fixed a bug in the Volumetric Material Editor: the cloud scaling was set to 0 after moving the altitude variation to 0.

-[NEW] [Import & Export] Switched to Alembic 1.7.10.
-[NEW] SkinVue fixed and Added to VUE (for legacy compatibility only)
-Better error reporting during application startup
-Fixed wrong warning regarding GoZ and other plug-ins version mismatch.
-Added saving of 10 missing render quality settings (for .urs files and stacked renders)
-Display only custom note when opening options for 16 bits grayscale PNG (aka Terrain Heightmap).
-Fixed saving of instances modifications with the fast save system.
-Fixed version stored in macros which could lead to macro execution glitches.

PlantFactory Build 2003711:

Path Tracer:
-[NEW] Added Interactive Path Traced preview (ideal to monitor PBR shader authoring for instance)

Integration and Export:
-[NEW] Enhanced the "top transition" blending function of segments by extrapolating the parent shape
-[NEW] Improved exported material names
-[NEW] Added "Single Texture Per Material" baked export mode
-[NEW] Improved texture baking
-[NEW] Added running color algorithm, fixing seams for low mips.
-Fixed meshing of flower node for mixed quad/triangle mode
-Fixed export as obj for some corner cases
-Fixed export as fbx for some corner cases

-[NEW] Enhance preview contrast by reducing GI contribution by half
-[NEW] Add filter 2D new points using the last clicked point and always find a place to add them (even when far away of the curve)
-[NEW] Zoom where the mouse is in graph view, handle slowdown key, allows smaller zoom.
-[NEW] Reworked UDIM export to sort by material
-[NEW] Improved filter editor interface
-[NEW] Added invert front and back option in flower node
-[NEW] Fixed polygons count when using Auto LOD (show the count for the actual LOD)
-[NEW] Added the ability to close the flower top
-Fix material editor type control (basic vs advanced).
-Fixed deletion of multiple points in filter 2D (and always keep at least one point)
-Corrected interaction objects behavior (import/delete/undo/redo)
-Fixed texture subfolder option not working for baked maps
-Improved deletion behavior in preview
-Minor changes to Generic Export Mesh dialog UI
-Fixed cap displacement image update (rotate / mirror)
-Fixed cap displacement when using inherited material

-[NEW] Extracted sub parameters
-[NEW] Parameter groups
-[NEW] Handle 4-double parameters
-[NEW] Display component labels for 2-int and 2-float parameters when any (X/Y remain by default)
-Fixed select box parameter
-Hide channel toggle parameters
-Fixed picker values for color parameters

Gamma Handling:
-[NEW] Improved gamma management
-Export C4D color constants using the gamma output value
-Correct gamma of render as OpenGL

-Fix some random application crash
-Fixed potential crash at node creation in graph
-Avoided crash on exit when dealing with application error

-Better error reporting during application startup



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