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SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author 9.0.600.6989 | 729.1 mb

The SAP product team is pleased to announce the availability of 3D Visual Enterprise Author 9.0 FP06 (build 9.0.600.6989). This update contains new features and enhancements.

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author 9.0 FP06 - release notes:

General (Enhanced)
This release contains general stability and performance improvements, and bug fixes.
Step Subtitles (Enhanced)
Steps Subtitles support is added to the Standard (VDS) Layout.
Authored Content Merge Support (Enhanced)
When you add a VDS file to an existing model, new and modified content is correctly merged.
Translation of External IDs from RH to VDS (Enhanced)
External IDs added by SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Generator to RH files are translated to VDS.
Callouts Tool Update (Enhanced)
The Callouts tool is extensively enhanced. You can now select multiple metadata attributes to display. Additionally, there is a new Billboard setting to control the scaling of callouts.
Notes Tool Update (Enhanced)
The Notes tool is extensively enhanced. The following options are added:
. A new Billboard setting to control scaling of Notes.
. The ability to create a 45-degree break in leader lines and to scale Leader Points.
. An Open Arrowhead option
. A new user interface for the Rich Text Tool.
Measurements Tool Update (Enhanced)
The Measurements tool is extensively enhanced. There are the following extra options:
. A new Settings window with Styles support.
. The Tool Inspector Measurements panel has an updated user interface.
. New settings to comply with ASME standard to control positions of text, arrows, and leader lines.
. New Features available for selection
Fixed Axis Widget Support (New)
There is a new option to pin the Scene Axis widget to the left bottom corner of the Viewport.
User-defined Axis Primitive (New)
There is a new option to override Axis names in the 3D Axis primitive. You can access the 3D Axis primitive from the Object Properties window.
Metadata Hyperlinks Support (New)
Hyperlinks are now supported in the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author Metadata Panel.
CAD (Enhanced)
The CAD importers were updated as follows:
. CATIAV5 file format: R28 support.
. Inventor file format: 2019 support.
. IFC file format: IFC 4.
. All formats: Precision optimization in tessellation routines. As a result there are some changes in vertex count which are under an acceptable threshold.
. NX file format:
.. If NX files are saved with Face Edges option in the NX application, importing Model Views show "Solid", "Solid Outline", and "Wireframe".
.. PMI extended font support (Bold, Italic, and Italic Bold).
.. Import option default change - Always Show PMI on Top has default "NO" *.
. IFC file format:
.. Unit of measure is added to metadata values - Category: Basic quantities.
.. VE Component ID and VE Instance ID are replaced with Global ID.
. General Fixes and Enhancements:
.. NX file format: Fixes to the following areas - PMI leader line arrow types, text size, metadata, cross section, set leader line curve style.
.. Inventor file format: Fixes to the following areas - Assembly Pattern feature, sheet metal parts, transparency on parts, cases with no material, handling of surface body and loft surfaces.
.. JT Viewer file format: Fixes to the following areas - assembly tree, assembly PMI connections, PMI sections, JtBREP, and mesh material.
.. JT/PLMXML file format: Refactored JT import /export functionality.
.. CATIA V5 file format: Fixes to the following areas - Improved Line type handling for 3D wireframe, improved section view, Axis line, and hatches clipping processing.
.. Creo file format: The Creo reader now processes both mesh and generic representation of family parts with new library whereas old ones were only reading mesh representation so the performance has degraded.
.. ACIS file format: Improved process to enable projection of 3D curves on surfaces for better curvature continuity. This process produces NURBS with more points, and consequently the realignment process is more time consuming.
.. All CAD formats sort model views based on names

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author. SAP Visual Enterprise Author, (VEA) users can exploit in the most diverse ways the product data available in CAD, PLM, MES and ERP systems in order to provide intelligent and tailor-made product information in widely distributed company documents, in documents electronic, and in business applications to ensure use anywhere, anytime.

- Manage over 80 formats of 2D and 3D graphic files
- Create technical manuals with product instructions displayed in 3D in real time
- Manage CAD files of different platforms by placing them in a single existing context
- Create multiple procedures using Steps, and the ability to automatically assign animated sequences as a basis to facilitate the story-board process.
- Create notes and detail details related to 3D objects
- Create 3D animations with advanced key-frame techniques of 3D objects, positions, rotations, materials, UV textures and camera movements
- Use 2D and 3D graphics of products, to support resources for the creation of information documents, catalogs, technical manual

This video provides you an overview about the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author. The Author is a part of the whole SAP 3D Visual Enterprise suite.

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Product: SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author
Version: 9.0 FP06 (build 9.0.600.6989)
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 729.1 mb

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