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AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK) 10.1.3 | 740.0 mb

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), a developer software applications and development tools for timely and cost-effective development and deployment of space, defense and intelligence missions, has released the 10.1.3 version of Systems Tool Kit (STK), is a physics-based software geometry engine that accurately displays and analyzes land, sea, air, and space assets in real or simulated time.
STK 10.1 includes more than 100 new features, including a re-architecture of STK Radar, enhancements to the already powerful Analysis Workbench plus usability improvements (such as favorites or ???recently used lists for reports/graphs) and graphics updates that include a new water surface.

STK 10.1 Radar updates bring a more intuitive user interface and greater functionality to model and analyze radar systems. Radar is now integrated into the Component Manager, which allows you to pre-configure radar systems and access shared antenna and RF propagation libraries from STK Communications. Radar also now allows for cluttering modeling for a more accurate representation of a radar system. Finally there are three new plugin points for Clutter Map, Clutter Geometry and Radar Cross Section.
The updates to Analysis Workbench include the ability to add your own custom calculations via the Custom Script Calculation Component. Time Components can be used in more places to define time intervals (including sensor pointing and model articulations). Finally there are several new components including Fixed Times Time Array Component, Fixed on Central Body VGT Point Component for creating generic LLA points and file type for VGT vector.
As for the usability updates, you can now point to the online STK Help to get the most up-to-date documentation. You no longer need to have administrative rights to install UI plugins. Data for more than 50 aircraft has been added to the Standard Object Database. You can also now right-click on graphs to create Analysis Workbench Time Components.
Finally weve made some updates to the graphics/visualizations in STK. There is a new water surface that provides realistic ocean surface visualization. The camera inertia update adds faster mouse movements so you can quickly rotate, pan, or zoom to a location before using more precise mouse input.
TT81433 The online Standard Object Catalog search failed if any search parameters were used and online operations did not go through a proxy. This is corrected.
TT77393 Repeating sequences now start at the correct epoch when using the Run Only Changed Segments option.
TT79476 Maximum acceleration magnitude is now correctly applied using constrained slews as part of the Target slew option for targeted attitude.
TT79967 Targeted sensors correctly update their target times when copied or inserted from a file.
TT80226 Earth PseudoFixed axes in Analysis Workbench have been updated to fix small numerical errors in their transformation. These axes are available only for Earth and have been removed from other central bodies where they erroneously appeared.
TT80344 Duration scalar calculation components are now selectable under Condition or Condition Sets and are properly updated if their parent components are changed.
TT80593 The WMS/WMTS plugin was leaking memory when loading tiles. This problem also occurred in the OpenStreetMaps sample code in the Graphics HowTo example. Both leaks are corrected.
TT80077 Function(x) and Function (x,y) scalar calculation types now properly use the components parent availability to correct a possible hang on load.
TT79991 Object coverage computed incorrect EB/(No+Io) values due to a change made in STK 10.1. This is corrected.
TT80170 Smooth coverage contours now render as expected over the international date line.
TT80422 The grid points for a coverage definition are now correctly recalculated when an area target used as its boundary is changed.
TT80469 The accuracy of velocity information is improved for DIS and HLA entities when using DSIM.
TT71635 License Manager now recognizes licenses for DataVisualizer and GradientOptimizer.
TT77589 Access graphs generated for an interval other than the scenario interval now generate the correct interval.
TT77842 Pass data for SGP4 satellites now always reports the correct pass number when the option to Use first relevant TLE is used.
TT77737 The Central body intersection type of point (e.g., BoresightIntersection) may have reported multiple abutting intervals, which are now merged together. The Intersection point for a Reference Point on or near the intersecting surface may have been computed incorrectly. This is now corrected.
TT77787 Changing the scenario epoch no longer causes Axes and Point File types of components from the Analysis Workbench to produce data over incorrect intervals.
TT77842 Pass data for SGP4 satellites now reports the correct pass number when the option to Use first relevant TLE is used.
TT78268 ESRI map document label rendering now properly handles unicode characters.
TT79050 The hints.txt file now reflects the name change of vendor strings in video drivers for AMD cards from ATI to AMD.
TT79051 The AgConnect.lib include files have been updated to work for UNIX systems.
TT79255 STK can now be configured to bypass the proxy server for local addresses and any address in the exclusion list.
TT79442 MDL models using articulated textures were not displaying the textures correctly if used in more than one model or multiples times within a model. This is corrected.
TT79786 In VGT, an angular velocity for file type axis that uses an attitude (.a) file was computed incorrectly because its components were attributed to the wrong reference frame. This is corrected.
TT77393 Repeating sequences now start at the correct epoch when using the Run Only Changed Segments option.
TT77867 The link budget calculation no longer ignores the BER values specified in the external demodulator file.
TT77900 The SatSoft Phased Array module was removed from STK Communications and STK Radar. There was an issue with loading older scenarios created with the SatSoft Phased Array module that would cause STK to abnormally terminate. This issue is corrected.
TT79583 An issue was found in STK 10.1 when loading scenarios that contain transmitters and receivers that were saved using one of the external source demodulator or modulator files. The demodulator/modulator would not load properly leading to incorrect BER values in the link budget report. This issue is corrected.
TT77868 A Receiver or Transmitter object that is attached to a satellite object can now be used as a grid class in a Coverage analysis.
TT77976 Vehicle lighting times computations are now properly regenerated when vehicle ephemeris is updated.
TT78851 Parallel Coverage computations in STK Engine applications now properly display the Coverage results at the end of the computation.
TT77628 An issue was found with loading old scenarios that contained the Cosecant Squared antenna pattern associated with a radar object. The azimuth beamwidth was not read properly on load. This issue is corrected.
TT77894 In STK10.1.1, frequency is no longer available as an Additional Data parameter for the ReportCreate Connect command in conjunction with creating a report from the Antenna Gain and Antenna Gain Matrix data providers for Radar. If frequency is supplied, the command will NACK.
TT77897 An issue was found in STK10.1 where the pulse width for a SAR radar saved in a previous version of STK would not load correctly into STK10.1. The value being loaded for the older scenario had to be less than 1.0e-6 sec for the issue to occur. This issue is corrected.
TT77900 The SatSoft Phased Array module was removed from STK Communications and STK Radar. There was an issue with loading older scenarios created with the SatSoft Phased Array module that would cause STK to abnormally terminate. This issue is corrected.
TT77958 In STK10.1, the Other Gain/Loss element of the radar system properties data provider was reporting the value from the radar receiver which was inconsistent with previous versions which reported the transmit side value. The issue is corrected.
TT77960 In STK 10.1, an issue was found with how the bandwidth value on the pulse definition properties for the Radar SAR mode was validated by the UI. This issue is corrected.
TT78369 An issue was found in STK 10.1 when using a Transmitter, Receiver, or Radar using a linked antenna as an asset in Coverage. Figure of Merit graphics did not account for the targeting of the linked antenna, leading to incorrect graphics. This issue is corrected.
TT78904 An issue was found in STK 10.1 when trying to load Radar system components from the STK component browser. On load, an unexpected error message was posted to the message viewer and the saved component was not loaded properly. This issue is corrected.
SCH1 The SchedTCPClient example in the API help section can now connect to a remote machine.
SCH2 Issues with using the Turn Around Table feature are corrected.
SCH3 The header of the Summary and Schedule report now provides the file path of the custom algorithm file if the algorithm is set to custom.
SCH4 The violation color of a resource is now red on the main gantt unless the violation was an availability violation.
TT77154 Late bound clients can now get individual windows using the window collection.
TT77795 With the release of STK 10.1, the Graphics Connect command for the antenna object was broken. Any Connect calls made with the Graphics command for an Antenna object would NACK and not set the desired properties. The command is fixed with the STK 10.1.1 release and works as it did in previous releases.
TT79051 The AgConnect.lib include files have been updated to work for UNIX systems.


About AGI
Analytical Graphics, Inc. develops commercial modeling and analysis software for the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities in the United States, Canada, and internationally. The company supplies software applications and development tools for modeling, engineering, and operations in the areas of space, cyberspace, aircraft, missile defense, C4ISR, and electronic systems. It offers a Systems Tool Kit to model complex systems, such as aircraft, satellites, and ground vehicles, as well as their sensors and communications in the context of the mission environment; software development kits; and an Orbit Determination Tool Kit that provides orbit determination and orbit analysis support for the entire life cycle of satellite tracking systems.
Name: AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK)
Version: 10.1.3
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8
Size: 740.0 mb

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