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ANSYS 2019R2 nCode DesignLife x64 | 1.81 GB

ANSYS nCode DesignLife Product Family ANSYS nCode DesignLife Standard - the main product for solving problems of fatigue life.

Includes assessment methods depending on the level of stress (stress-life), deformations and the method of Dang Van.
Features of the standard DesignLife package
Analysis of fatigue life versus stress level (Stress Life)
Analysis of the fatigue life of the structure depending on the stress level. It is possible to interpolate between curves of material properties depending on temperature. You can use Python scripts to create new or improve existing methods for assessing fatigue life. Preliminary solution of high-cycle fatigue curves with control of rated voltages.
Material models:
Standard SN.
SN Mean multi-curve.
SN R-ratio multi-curve.
SN Haigh multi-curve.
SN Temperature multi-curve.
Bastenaire SN.
Typical SN models based on Python scripts.
Analysis of fatigue life depending on the level of deformations (Strain Life)
The ability to predict fatigue life based on the analysis of local deformations in the structure. The possibility of interpolation between the curves of material properties depending on temperature. It is used for a wide range of tasks, including low-cycle fatigue with the control of elastic-plastic deformations.
Material models:
Standard EN.
EN Mean multi-curve.
EN R-ratio multi-curve.
EN Temperature multi-curve.
Correction of the average stress in the cycle:
Smith Watson Topper.

This version of nCode DesignLife requires pre-installed ANSYS 2019R2 Win / Linux with a crowbar from SSQ and uses ANSYS 2019R2 Win / Linux licensing
In this regard, the functionality of this version is lower than that of the similar Standalone version of HBM nCode

picYear / Release Date: 2019
Version: 2019 R2
Developer: HBM-nCode
Digit capacity: Windows / Linux 64-bit
Interface Language: English
Tablet: Used tablet preinstalled ANSYS 2019R2 Win (by TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
System requirements: Pre-installed ANSYS 2019R2 Win with a crowbar from SSQ

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