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Altair Embed 2019.28 | 527.5 mb

The Altair product team is pleased to announce the availability of Embed 2019.28, is a visual environment for model-based development of embedded systems. Its highly efficient diagram-to-code capability shortens the development time and increases product quality.

Release Notes Altair Embed 2019

solidThinking Embed was renamed Altair Embed for the 2019 release. The release of Altair Embed 2019 directly follows
solidThinking Embed 2017.2.
2019 Highlights
- New Basic and Professional Editions of Altair Embed expand the availability of model-based development to the public and offer specialized capabilities for commercial use
- New units-based licensing
- Hardware support extended to include Arduino Leonardo and Mega2560 boards
- Import external Arduino libraries
- New OpenVision blocks
Resolved Simulation Issues in Embed 2019
- Active X blocks - remove About box
- Analyze > Frequency Response command working incorrectly
- Analyze menu - not working properly
- Complex.vsm - application crashes when opening the diagram
- Compound block - Max Local Bound not working correctly
- Convert block - inconsistent behavior
- Display block - problem displaying decimal values
- Display block - inconsistent behavior
- Edit > Copy and Edit > Paste - do not work with matrix constant block
- Edit > Replace dialog box incorrectly says "Find" in title bar
- Expression block - causes GPF
- Files - cleaned up from C:\sTEmbed2016
- Import block - Embed crashes if .xlsx file is selected
- localBoundsMatInit.vsm - Index 1 too small; error from IndexedAssign block
- Matrix Operations block - not listed in alphabetical order
- MC 1208LS board - real time does not work with this board
- OpenVision > Back Projection block - fails to run
- OpenVision > Branch Points block - defect results
- OpenVision > Branch Points block - fails during simulation
- OpenVision > End Points block - can't wire Find Contour into End Points block
- OpenVision > Inrange block - doesn't display all slider widgets during simulation
- OpenVision > Match Template - matching function error
- OpenVision > Resize - change Row and Column defaults; add percentage
- Random crashes when closing models after simulation
- Real Time > Serial Config - does not save configuration settings
- Real Time > Serial blocks - warns of wrong version of add-on
- System > System Properties dialog box - wrong dialog box displayed
- UDP start menu shortcut is created in incorrect folder
- Unable to uninstall Embed
- Use of VisSim product name in state charts warning message and compatibility dialog box
- Variable block - globally defined variable working differently as trigger in state chart for simulation vs code generation
- Variable block - right align not working
- Diagram does not detect map file and shows singularity error
- Different simulation and HIL results
- Embed crashes when compiling a diagram in batch mode
- Embed crashes when deleting an extern block from a diagram
- Installer freezes with certain modules (e.g., OpenVision) on fast computers
- UniFlash - supports versions 3.x and 4.2.2
- ADC input block - does not save values
- ePWM block - deadband unit does not work with respect to the input selected
- sampleHold block - initial conditions not correct in generated code
- Serial UART Write block - doesn't work if baud rate is set to 300 (Arduino target)
- Speedcalc compound block - Results are incorrect
- SPI config block - does not apply GPIO settings
- targetInterface block - missing CPU Usage output pin label
- UART transmitting compound block - error in code generation with local bounds
- Arduino target - Arduino IDE 1.0.6 not compatible with Embed
- Arduino target - batch mode execution does not close the Command window
- Arduino target - convert from scaled int to string does not work
- Arduino target - I2C addressing mode - default set to 7 bit
- Arduino target - I2C config, serial config, and SPI config dialog box do not show pin details
- Arduino target - I2C fails to blink an LED if no I2C slave is connected
- Arduino target - I2C Read block options do not work apart from read data
- Arduino target - SPI config dialog box does not save pin values
- C24x target - no longer supported
- C2000 target - I2C read/write compilation errors with certain data types
- F2806x target - memory addresses for IQMATH table not correct
- F28075 target - when generating code to flash, Embed fails to compile
- F28377D target - RAM allocation for mtocBUF is incorrect
- F28377D target - HIL does not work
- MSP430 target - I2C fails to compile
- Sample diagram - acim_tutorial_1a_F28069.vsm gives wrong response when run on target
- Sample diagram - fft28M35H52.vsm crashes
- Sample diagram - wageChange.vsm - when running and closing the diagram, VisSim 32-64 bit Gateway does not close
- Sample diagram - motorwareDRV8301-28027.vsm does not run correctly


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