[center]V-Ray Next Build 4.00.02 for Rhinoceros 5-6


V-Ray Next Build 4.00.02 for Rhinoceros 5-6
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V-Ray Next for Rhino is much more than a do-it-all smart renderer that creates gorgeous images of your designs. It is also a full suite of tools to help you accomplish more in Rhinoceros than ever before. V-Ray Next makes it easier to manage everything in your scene - even the crazy complex ones. It is 50% faster overall, with GPU rendering 2x as fast and 7x faster using the Adaptive Dome Light. V-Ray Next for Rhino is compatible with Rhino 5 and 6 on Windows only.

Superior Grasshopper support:With V-Ray Next, you can do more in Grasshopper than ever before and get advantage of powerful capabilities. Render your parametric designs directly without "bakes" or exports. Animate Grasshopper definitions as well as cameras and sun, and measure real-world illumination values - all right in Grasshopper.

-Adaptive Dome Light: Render faster, cleaner and more accurate image-based lighting that's up to 7x faster. The new Adaptive Dome Light also removes the need to set up Portal lights for interiors.

-Powerful asset management: The new asset management system helps you keep track of everything in your scene and streamlines your entire workflow. Now it is quick and easy to preview and manage lights, materials, textures and more all from a single location.

-Simplified Render controls: V-Ray Next for Rhino includes a redesigned interface that is more intuitive and easy to use. From the new camera layout to the simplified render controls, you'll spend less time navigating and more time designing.

-Material metalness: The V-Ray Material adds native support for metallic reflections (Metalness) for greater compatibility with PBR materials from applications like Substance Designer.

-Automatic exposure & white balance: Capture the perfect exposure every time. The new Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance camera controls make rendering as simple as point and shoot.

-Optimized materials: V-Ray materials have been fine-tuned for faster render speeds, improved GPU rendering, and Chaos Cloud compatibility

-Licensing and backward compatibility: The upgrade to V-Ray Next for Rhino will allow customers to use either V-Ray Next for Rhino or V-Ray 3 for Rhino. V-Ray 3 for Rhino Workstation licenses will work with V-Ray Next Render Node licenses. V-Ray Next for Rhino will work only with V-Ray Next Render Node licenses (Perpetual and Rentals). With the launch of V-Ray Next for Rhino, support for V-Ray 1.5 and 2.0 for Rhino is discontinued.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7,Windows 8.1,Windows 10(64-bit versions only)
CPU:Intel� Pentium � IV or compatible processor with SSE3 support.
RAM:4 GB RAM and 4 GB swap minimum - recommended 8 GB or more RAM, 8 GB or more swap file
Rhino 5:Rhino 5.14 or later
Rhino 6:Rhino 6.6.18117 or later

Build number 4.00.02

Installation & Licensing:
-The Chaos Group License Server is updated to version 5.2.2
-The installer now properly sets and displays a primary remote server IP address and port number -

Workflow Improvements:
-The entire asset management system is optimized and made more reliable. This affects asset creation, renaming, deletion, referencing, etc. The optimizations are most obvious in heavy scenes with big number of assets and complex shading networks
-Render element assets are no longer deleted when the category is active and the Purge function is used. Use the multi-selection functionality to quickly delete a batch of elements
-The Z Depth render element 'Depth from Camera' parameter is removed
-The viewport display of various reflective V-Ray materials is improved. High fresnel IOR values in V-Ray now result in metallic materials in the viewport. Additionally, the reflection amount of all V-Ray shaders is also more accurately represented

Other Changes and Bug Fixes:
-Saving and loading projects no longer resets the Color Space of all textures to the default sRGB option. Using the File Path Editor no longer changes the color space either
-The asset preview render process can now be restarted if it stops responding. Make sure to stop and restart the interactive preview (using its toolbar stop/start button) in the unlikely event this happens
-The fresnel opacity of newly created Reflection material layers is now correctly displayed in the asset preview swatch
-Invalid material or texture references can now be successfully cleared from the context menu of the slots they occupy
-An issue with Water texture used in a bump slot is resolved. Negative texture values are now properly handled
-All V-Ray taskbar processes are grouped and displayed under the Rhinoceros Windows taskbar icon. This applies to the Asset Editor and the V-Ray Frame Buffer window
-VRscan materials now display additional Texture Placement parameters in their Asset Editor properties panel. Use them to manipulate the size, scale and rotation of the material pattern
-The way VFB Color Corrections are saved within Rhino projects is updated and made more reliable
-Clearing the viewport texture of a V-Ray material now reliably updates the viewport material display
-A number of issues related to loading scenes with corrupted V-Ray data are resolved
-A number of issues related to copy and pasting objects between projects are resolved
-A number of issues related to deleting objects are resolved
-Overriding proxy meshes now correctly updates the materials associated with the resulting reference
-Worksession files are correctly rendered in the current project. Note that the WIP worksession rendering workflow will be improved in the future
-Resolved an issue caused by exiting Rhino while the GPU device list has been requested but not yet acquired
-Physical Camera vignetting is by default disabled in V-Ray for Grasshopper Camera component
-Changing Rhino texture mapping during Interactive Rendering no longer produces an incorrect result
-The VRaySetMtlID command now functions correctly. The V-Ray tools 'Randomize Material ID Colors' and -Set Material ID Colors to Black' can now be successfully applied
-The Z Depth render element tooltips are fixed
-All Smoke texture parameters are now properly named
-The migration (gamma management) of render elements from scenes saved with V-Ray 3 is improved



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