[center]V-Ray Next v4.20.01 for 3ds Max 2016-2020 (x64)


V-Ray Next v4.20.01 for 3ds Max 2016-2020 (x64)
File Size: 545 MB

V-Ray Next Scene Intelligence delivers faster ray tracing, cleaner sampling and more accurate rendering. That means you work smarter - not harder - by automating steps that used to take up valuable time.

NEW -Powerful Scene Intelligence
Automatically analyzes your scene to optimize rendering so you get the best quality in less time.

Fast new GPU rendering architecture with support for more of your favorite high-end production features.

Instantly remove noise while rendering. Based on AI-accelerated denoising technology by NVIDIA.

Powerful GPU + CPU rendering
V-Ray GPU renders on CPUs as well as NVIDIA GPUs, to take full advantage of all available hardware.

Highly-optimized adaptive ray tracing
Render professional-quality, photorealistic images and animation with adaptive ray tracing technology.

Fully interactive production rendering.

V-Ray Denoiser
Automatically remove noise and cut render times by up to 50%.

Resumable Rendering
Stop your render at any point and pick up where you left off.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 8 or higher
CPU: 1st Gen Intel Core or compatible processor with SSE4.2 support (x64)
Memory:8 GB RAM
Larger cache memory, higher memory bandwidth and more cores are better.
Space:700 MB Hard Disk Space

3ds Max Design� 2016 and 2020 (64-bit)

Build 4.20.01 (V-Ray Next, update 2.1) (02 July 2019):

New features:
-VRayEdgesTex:Add mapped multiplier to control the rounded corners' radius;

Modified features:
-V-Ray:Add a warning when there are Render Elements with filtering off and Progressive Sampler;
-V-Ray:Avoid saving the "Shademap export" helper channel to image files;
-V-Ray:Render Raytrace material as black to avoid interfering with shading;
-VRayOSL:Increase width of the string widgets;
-VRaySamplerInfo:Add tangent and bitangent modes in object space;
-VRayVolumeGrid:Copy-paste support for render gradients and curves;
-VFB:Revert the IPR zoom modificator to Ctrl+Shift/Ctrl;

Bug fixes:
-V-Ray:Artifacts with VRayEnvironmentFog and Adaptive dome light;
-V-Ray:Debug shading in Viewport IPR MaxScript error on 3ds Max2017;
-V-Ray:Debug shading in Viewport IPR menus produce error after V-Ray is uninstalled;
-V-Ray:EXR images are saved as "incomplete" (since 4.20.00);
-V-Ray:Incorrect name of the green channel of Cryptomatte elements when using EXR DWA compression;
-V-Ray:Memory tracking reports wrong month number on the timestamps;
-V-Ray:Rendering a specific scene with disc lights produces incorrect results on the second render;
-V-Ray:Spurious skipping of a subframe when rendering using PresenZ camera and DR;
-V-Ray:Using "File" > "New" > "Keep objects and hierarchy" may cause a crash if the scene has VRayHDRI maps;
-V-Ray IPR:Attempting to stop rendering may freeze 3ds Max;
-V-Ray IPR:Changes to displacement maps are not updated (since 4.20.00);
-V-Ray IPR:Crash if the scene is modified while V-Ray is preparing objects;
-V-Ray IPR:Crash when copying objects with Override material;
-V-Ray IPR:Crash when creating new objects while V-Ray is preparing geometry;
-V-Ray IPR:Crash when rendering with CoronaMtl;
-V-Ray IPR:Crash with 3D displacement with "Keep continuity" enabled if the scene is modified while -V-Ray is preparing objects;
-V-Ray GPU:Crash with adaptive lights with more than 110 000 lights;
-V-Ray IPR:Creation of dome light from the V-Ray toolbar is not correctly detected;
-V-Ray IPR:Deleting a dome light is not reflected;
-V-Ray IPR:Inconsistent lighting when rotating dome light;
-V-Ray IPR:Incorrect direct illumination of VRayLightMtl;
-V-Ray IPR:Lights with animated multiplier don't update;
-V-Ray IPR:Moving an instance of a displaced object during rendering may cause a crash;
-V-Ray IPR:Unhandled exception when exporting a .vrmesh file during rendering;
-V-Ray GPU:Closing the VFB while exporting nodes crashes 3ds Max;
-V-Ray GPU:Crash when rendering VRayInstancer with many particles and VRayVolumeGrid;
-V-Ray GPU:Crash when sliding the timeline during IPR and then stop rendering;
-V-Ray GPU:Crash with light cache when mesh acceleration types in MB segment's ends are different;
-V-Ray GPU:Every 10-th UV tile (e.g. 1010, 1020, 1030) is not rendered;
-V-Ray GPU:Incorrect light cache retrace amount in some cases;
-V-Ray GPU:Incorrectly strong bump effect with normal maps and VRayAlSurfaceMtl;
-V-Ray GPU:Rounded corners ?r? not rendered with Bucket sampler in scenes with no direct lighting;
-V-Ray GPU:Vertical FOV with spherical panoramic camera is ignored unless a 360 degree horizontal FOV override is used;
-V-Ray GPU:VRayALSurfaceMtl with rounded edges render wrong;
-V-Ray GPU:VRayALSurfaceMtl's SSS is darker in the areas reflecting objects with VRayFastSSS2;
-V-Ray Cloud:Color Correction texmap is rendered wrong with 32-bit images;
-V-Ray Cloud:Difference in render with VRayEdgesTex in the VRayMtl displacement slot;
-VRayHairMtl:Does not compose correctly when the "consistent lighting elements" option is enabled;
-VRayOSL:Dropdown parameters reset when refocusing the node in the Slate Material Editor;
-VRayOSL:Tooltips for shader parameters are displayed in the wrong places;
-VRayPluginNode:MtlRoundEdges plugin is not working in "Convex only" and "Concave only";
-VRayPluginNode:Renders different than V-Ray Standalone in bump slots;
-VRayPluginNode:Scenes saved with blacklisted plugins should still open correctly;
-VRayToonMtl:Don't bake gamma into the gradients of VRayToonMtl;
-VRayToonMtl:Export to .vrscene;
-VRayVolumeGrid:Brighter results in VRayLighting render element with Consistent lighting elements turned on;
-VRayVolumeGrid: Crash with caches over 2.1 billion voxels with Volume Light Cache;
-VFB:Crash when loading a 3ds Max scene from the history;
-VFB:Dock history option causes IPR restart;
-VFB:The tooltip for the debug shading is wrong;




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